New Outback Motortek Center Stand for the Honda Africa Twin

There are a few companies that come to mind when people talk about adventure motorcycle accessories. Outback Motortek is one of those companies that people naturally talk about in high regards.

I started following O.M. a few years ago when I was looking for tougher after market parts and fell in love when they released a video (link below) of them dropping a Honda Africa Twin equipped with their crash bars to make the point that their products are tough.

They are continuing that tradition by releasing a new center stand for the Honda Africa Twin. We’re excited to get see and read about real world reviews.

Outback Motortek Honda Africa Twin center stand.

Source: Outback Motortek; © 2018 Eddie Insixiengmay

looks strong. what's the price point?
Where do those nasty two springs link up to the frame? is there an install video for this stand?