Honda Safety Recall for Africa Twin Center Stand

Wanted to give everyone a heads up that Honda US has released a safety recall to remedy a circlip defect that secures the centerstand. A lot of US riders have reported this issue and should be a quick fix from Honda. Please check with your local dealers if you own a genuine Honda Africa Twin center stand. Below may answer all of your questions and ride safe!

CRF1000L Center Stand Recall Page 1
CRF1000L Center Stand Recall Page 2
CRF1000L Center Stand Recall Page 3
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  • January 4, 2019
Hi, I fitted the stand, indeed the whole touring pack myself. I believe the circlip was over hardened so it has a tendency to fracture if fitted by using moronic mechanic techniques. However with proper circlip pliers it goes on fine. Mine has been on for 2 years without an issue. However this is a weak point of the design and I have fitted and oversize washer on the end of the rear suspension wishbone shaft so my centre stand is held on by a 10mm screwthread. Seems that is what the designer originally intended as the thread is way longer than needed for just the wishbone.
I had mine replaced last December. Easy, no hassle.