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    Rear brake piston seal 2016 AT

    Hi all, I need to replace the seals on the rear piston on my 2016 Africa twin as the piston is just getting stuck, looking to strip it, clean and re-seal and can only find a full rebuild kit, does anyone know of somewhere I could get just the seals or compatible seals for it? thanks in advance
  2. R

    Powerbronze Hot Product - CRF1000L Africa Twin Headlight Protector

    Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well ? Have you seen our one-piece Powerbronze headlight protector for your CRF1000L Africa Twin ? Damaging a headlight can be very expensive to replace. Headlight protectors are simply and easy to fit and are a great way of protecting the main headlight unit...
  3. R

    Powerbronze Accessories for CRF1100L Africa Twin (Standard Model)

    Hi Everyone, As well as developing all of the products for the Adventure Sports version of the Africa Twin, Powerbronze have been working on the standard model of the CRF1100L as well. We now have the following products available to order through our website : Standard Screen - from £75...
  4. R

    Powerbronze Product Feature - Rear Hugger - CRF1100L Africa Twin 2020

    Hi Everyone, I hope you are well ? Powerbronze have recently completed development of a new product for the CRF1100L Africa Twin and CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports. Now available to order is our NEW rear hugger, which fits with no drilling or modification to the bike. Supplied...
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    Powerbronze Products - Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports 2020

    Hello Everyone, These products are HOT off the presses. Here are at Powerbronze we had the new CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports model in our factory for less than 48 hours to allow us to develop our products and make prototypes for tooling etc. We developed a massive 10 products during...
  6. SoCalEddie

    Africa Twin Adventure Sports with Civic Type R.

    Had a friend in town and took his Honda Civic Type R with the ATAS around some mountain roads in Southern California.
  7. Admin

    2020 Honda True Adventure Teaser

    Honda Motorcycles Europe recently released this teaser. Can this be the rumored CRF1100L and CRF850L?
  8. SoCalEddie

    SOLVED Popping/Clicking sound near front of 2018 Africa Twin Adventure Sports

    Just noticed a strange pop/click sound near the front of a 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports model. The sound can be replicated when I’m in first gear and slowly release the throttle and give it some gas. The engine sounds normal but will also produce a strange pop/click sound. Driving...
  9. SoCalEddie

    2020 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Rumors

    This is interesting... more rumors about a 2020 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin. What do you guys think?
  10. A

    Heindenau Tubes

    I will start my travelling from Munich to Mongolia with K60 Scout tyres in June. Do Anyone have experiences with the Heavy cross tubes for Heidenau : 21" Heavy Cross, 18F Cr 18 . They seems like 4-4.5 mm thick (normal tubes are 1.5-2mm) is there any performances/ ergodynamic changes if I...
  11. SoCalEddie

    2019 Honda Africa Twin

    The 2019 Honda Africa Twin is here. Check out the news post from if you haven’t seen it:
  12. SoCalEddie

    Snapon vs Mac vs Matco?

    Hey everyone, Currently in the market for newer high quality tools to replace our old but reliable U.S. made Craftsman set. The tools will be used in a home garage setting but will pass it down to the next generation. This will be an ongoing process to get the tools we need but wanted to get...
  13. Admin

    What's in your bag contest announced!

    Show us what's in your bag when you travel for a chance to win a gallon of Motul 5w50 and OEM engine filter(s). Winner will be asked to specify if they own a DCT model. Hit up this thread here:’s-in-your-bag-when-you-ride.1648/#post-8296 Edit* Bag is defined...
  14. SoCalEddie

    Free 2018 decals!

    Hey everyone, Thank you again for the support and being a part of Wishing everyone a happy 2018. We’re giving away free decals! Submit what you did to your Africa Twin at and message...
  15. Admin Legacy Sales and Classifieds Rules - Effective Immediately

    This section is dedicated to members of to advertise their legacy motorcycles, gear, parts and other motorcycle related items. This section is not for commercial sales unless you have an advertising contract with To find out more about obtaining an advertising...
  16. SoCalEddie

    Honda Africa Twin XRV 750 RD04 Specs 1990-1992

    Specs for Honda Africa Twin XRV 750 RD04 1990-1992 Engine Liquid-cooled 4-stroke SOHC 52˚ V-twin Bore × Stroke 81 × 72mm Displacement 742cm Compression Ratio 9 : 1 Carburettors 38mm flat-slide CV-type × 2 Max. Power Output 62PS/7,500rpm (DIN) (45.3kW/7,500min-1) Max. Torque 6.4kg-m/6,500rpm...
  17. SoCalEddie

    Redondo Beach PD Africa Twin by Roland Sands

    Saw this awesome Redondo Beach Police department Africa Twin at the Progressive International Motorcycle show in Long Beach, CA today. The officers mentioned they are getting two for the department. Guess there is no point in running away now... :) That's a ballistics vest the officer is...
  18. SoCalEddie

    2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Impressions

    I recently got an opportunity to attend the 2017 Progressive International Motorcycle show in Long Beach, CA today and saw some really fun and neat motorcycles. For the purpose of the forum, I'd like to express my general impressions and thoughts about the new 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure...
  19. 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports 9

    2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports 9

    2018 Honda Africa Twin Panel
  20. SoCalEddie

    Attention KTM 1090/1190/1290 Owners

    Recently came upon this in Meant to be a thread to inform and notify KTM riders. I know a few riders here have KTMs wouldn't want anything harmful to happen.

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