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  1. R

    Powerbronze Hot Product - CRF1000L Africa Twin Headlight Protector

    Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well ? Have you seen our one-piece Powerbronze headlight protector for your CRF1000L Africa Twin ? Damaging a headlight can be very expensive to replace. Headlight protectors are simply and easy to fit and are a great way of protecting the main headlight unit...
  2. Admin

    What's in your bag contest announced!

    Show us what's in your bag when you travel for a chance to win a gallon of Motul 5w50 and OEM engine filter(s). Winner will be asked to specify if they own a DCT model. Hit up this thread here: https://africatwin.org/threads/what’s-in-your-bag-when-you-ride.1648/#post-8296 Edit* Bag is defined...
  3. Admin

    What’s in your bag when you ride?

    Whats in your bag when you ride? Extra clothes? Camera? Dead body? Edit* Bag is defined by panniers (soft or hard), tank bags and duffel bags like the Mosko backcountry 40l. Tool bags will not be considered but feel free to post. Best photo of contents in bag will win a gallon of Motul 10w50...
  4. Admin


    Happy 2018 everyone! Hope many good things come this year. Wanted to start this 2018 ADV/Dual Sport events thread and will add more info soon. Let us know if you know of any local or national events. 01/07/18-12/23/18 - AMA District 2 Polar Bear Grand Tour • Northeast USA • Organized by Polar...
  5. Admin

    Africatwin.org Rider's Rally Questions

    Hi everyone! Africatwin.org is in it's early stages of planning a rally in the summer of 2018. We wanted to get a general idea of what riders like and want in a motorcycle rally. Some of the questions that come to our minds are: When in the summer of 2018 would be a good time to do a rally? How...
  6. SoCalEddie

    Honda Announces A New 2018 Africa Twin Adventure Sports Model

    Honda just announced their 2018 Honda Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports Here are the press releases from Honda UK covering the Africa Twin and it's upgraded stablemate the Africa Twin Adventure Sports...
  7. SeaEngine

    Anyone familiar with tubesaddle?

    Anyone familiar with tubesaddle? Curious about this and how it works. https://tubesaddle.com/
  8. D

    Touratech has filed for insolvency

    Wow... Not exactly sure how I feel about this. Touratech being such a big player in the ADV/Enduro game. Here is the article. I've also used google to translate to English. See below: Touratech AG, the specialist for motorcycle accessories and with around 400 employees the largest employer in...
  9. SeaEngine

    Mayweather vs McGregor

    Anyone keeping up with them and anyone interested in watching? We should take bets and loser has to fill up the winner's fuel tank. :-)
  10. SoCalEddie

    Poll: Upper Crashbars?

    What type of crash bars do you guys and gals like? Share your thoughts!
  11. SoCalEddie

    The Design Story of the Honda Africa Twin

    I recently came upon a rare book focusing on the design of Honda motorcycles and came across the design story of the Honda Africa Twin. An interesting book for Honda riders and enthusiasts. Mogi Tomonori was the designer of the original Africa Twin and what an interesting story. Here is where...
  12. SeaEngine

    2017 Adventure Rally Series

    2017 Adventure Rally Series - September 28-October 1st at Lakeshore, California. Adventure Rally Series Website
  13. SeaEngine

    Honda Africa Twin Shop Manual and Common Torque Settings

    Hi everyone. Had some time and decided to upload the shop manual for the Honda Africa Twin and list some of the common torque settings you may have questions about on the Africa Twin (Manual or DCT). Let me know if you'd like to add more to this and I'll make sure it gets added into that table...
  14. SoCalEddie

    2017 Baja Rally - Adventure Class

    Wanted to throw this event out here and let everyone know about the upcoming 2017 Baja Rally event. The organization decided to add an adventure class to the race and saw some cool photos of riders using an Africa Twin. Hope to see more of it this year. Here is the link: 2017 BAJA RALLY -...
  15. SeaEngine

    Installing a high fender on the Honda Africa Twin

    Instructions from CAMEL ADV Products on how to install a high fender on a Honda Africa Twin. Why would you need a high fender? Primarily for off road purposes as it stops mud from collecting in between the tires and fender.
  16. SeaEngine

    Installing tires on the Honda Africa Twin

    A great video on how to install tires on a Honda Africa Twin. Tires he used: Front 90/90-21 Rear 140/80-18
  17. SeaEngine

    Installing 12v accessory outlet for the Honda Africa Twin

    Excellent video showing how to install a 12v accessory outlet for the Honda Africa Twin! Amazon has the 12v outlet available.
  18. SoCalEddie

    What oil do you use?

    Let's get this thread started. What kind of oil do you use for your Honda Africa Twin and why?
  19. SoCalEddie

    Ohlins Suspension Upgrade for the Honda Africa Twin

    Might be a bit late on this post but I believe it's here for those who are interested. https://www.ohlins.eu/en/news/oehlins-upgrade-for-new-honda--64454/
  20. Admin


    We're giving away $100 visa gift card to the best short ride report! Here are the rules: 1. Be a member or join AFRICATWIN.ORG 2. Submit your best trip short report (pictures encouraged) to "short ride reports" 3. Rider must be operating a Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 4. Be a valid resident of...

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