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  1. Admin

    africatwin.org v2.0 features and updates

    Hi everyone, Thank you for being a member of africatwin.org. We truly appreciate you being here. The forum was established in 2015 and many improvements have been made and will be made. We're happy to share with you africatwin.org v2.0. Thank you to those who made suggestions and big shout out...
  2. SoCalEddie

    2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Impressions

    I recently got an opportunity to attend the 2017 Progressive International Motorcycle show in Long Beach, CA today and saw some really fun and neat motorcycles. For the purpose of the forum, I'd like to express my general impressions and thoughts about the new 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure...
  3. SoCalEddie

    Honda Announces A New 2018 Africa Twin Adventure Sports Model

    Honda just announced their 2018 Honda Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports Here are the press releases from Honda UK covering the Africa Twin and it's upgraded stablemate the Africa Twin Adventure Sports...
  4. Admin

    Upgraded tool kit giveaway for the best tech tip

    Hi everyone, We're giving away an upgraded tool kit for the best tech tip. Have something you'd like to share? Post it under the Tech Tips category and you'll be automatically entered. A tech tip can be something very easy like detailing a Honda Africa Twin to something more complex like...
  5. D

    How do you store your Africa Twin during the winter?

    Always been curious about this... How do you guys prefer to store your Africa Twin during the winter months? Battery tender? Cover? What about fuel, oil and other fluids?
  6. SoCalEddie

    Honda Africa Twin Technical Issues and Warranty reference list

    Hi everyone, I'm compiling a list of all the technical issues that riders have come across on the Honda Africa Twin and the warranty resolution of each issue. I'm sure I'm missing some more so please feel free to contribute and I'll add it on this list. This is for reference and best viewed on...
  7. SeaEngine

    Recommended Oil for Honda Africa Twin

    Found this from the service manual and hope this can be used as a quick reference. RECOMMENDED ENGINE OIL: Honda "4-stroke motorcycle oil" or an equivalent motor oil. API service classification: SG or higher JASO T903 standard: MA Viscosity: SAE 10W-30 ENGINE OIL CAPACITY: CRF1000/A: 3.9...
  8. 1988 Honda XRV650 Africa Twin RD03

    1988 Honda XRV650 Africa Twin RD03

  9. 1990 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin RD04

    1990 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin RD04

  10. 1993 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin

    1993 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin

  11. SoCalEddie

    Honda Africa Twin XRV750 parts list

    Wanted to share the parts list for 1991-1998 Honda Africa Twin XRV750. Hope this information becomes useful. 1991 Honda Africa Twin XRV750 1992 Honda Africa Twin XRV750 1993 Honda Africa Twin XRV750 1994 Honda Africa Twin XRV750 1995 Honda Africa Twin XRV750 1996 Honda Africa Twin XRV750 1997...
  12. SoCalEddie

    Poll: Upper Crashbars?

    What type of crash bars do you guys and gals like? Share your thoughts!
  13. SoCalEddie

    The Design Story of the Honda Africa Twin

    I recently came upon a rare book focusing on the design of Honda motorcycles and came across the design story of the Honda Africa Twin. An interesting book for Honda riders and enthusiasts. Mogi Tomonori was the designer of the original Africa Twin and what an interesting story. Here is where...
  14. D

    Upgrading Tool Kit

    Seems like a lot of riders aren't happy with what Honda has provided in their "tool kit". Wanted to share what I have in my upgraded tool kit for long distant and shorter rides. You can find a lot of these tools in your current tool box or find really cheap alternatives on cragislist or from...
  15. SeaEngine

    2017 Adventure Rally Series

    2017 Adventure Rally Series - September 28-October 1st at Lakeshore, California. Adventure Rally Series Website
  16. SeaEngine

    Honda Africa Twin Shop Manual and Common Torque Settings

    Hi everyone. Had some time and decided to upload the shop manual for the Honda Africa Twin and list some of the common torque settings you may have questions about on the Africa Twin (Manual or DCT). Let me know if you'd like to add more to this and I'll make sure it gets added into that table...
  17. SoCalEddie

    2017 Baja Rally - Adventure Class

    Wanted to throw this event out here and let everyone know about the upcoming 2017 Baja Rally event. The organization decided to add an adventure class to the race and saw some cool photos of riders using an Africa Twin. Hope to see more of it this year. Here is the link: 2017 BAJA RALLY -...
  18. SeaEngine

    Installing a high fender on the Honda Africa Twin

    Instructions from CAMEL ADV Products on how to install a high fender on a Honda Africa Twin. Why would you need a high fender? Primarily for off road purposes as it stops mud from collecting in between the tires and fender.
  19. SeaEngine

    Installing 12v accessory outlet for the Honda Africa Twin

    Excellent video showing how to install a 12v accessory outlet for the Honda Africa Twin! Amazon has the 12v outlet available.
  20. SoCalEddie

    What oil do you use?

    Let's get this thread started. What kind of oil do you use for your Honda Africa Twin and why?

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