2021 Africa Twin Center Stand


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Nov 18, 2021
Hi all. I just wanted to leave a short review on the Genuine Honda accessory center stand. It's a nice piece and the install was easy until the last part installing the two springs. They are too stiff for me to muscle so I had to improvise and use an s hook and a ratcheting motorcycle tie down attached to the front recovery hooks on my truck. I was able to ratchet one spring at a time using this method. It took about 30 minutes to get it done but it got done. Anyone considering this upgrade might want to let the dealership install it. However if you are an American idiot like me by all means go for it.
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Apr 21, 2019
Salem Oregon
Yes it was a pita to put the springs on. I used a vise grip and pointy pry bar end and was able to pry it over and slip it on no problem, until I noticed I had put the springs on backwards (yes, look close, they go on one way) think it took 5 min to put springs on, and a half hour to muscle them off to turn them around. I have noticed the clunk on whoops which is not too bad, but it is noticeable. I've had it on my bike for over a year and 5000 miles, no issues and the rubber pads are nice and thick.

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