2021 AT AS First Impressions


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Nov 18, 2021
So far I'm very impressed with this model bike. The engine is smooth and powerful and low/midrange torque is excellent. The seating position is very comfortable and made for all day touring for sure. Throttle response is crisp and the gearbox is not clunky but rather smooth. Changing ride modes while riding is easy and an excellent feature. The fuel tank is huge and it seems like the range on this bike will be well over 300 miles. Low speed turns will take some getting used to since I am more used to sport touring bikes with far superior on road handling. I may just need more rear spring preload. Roll on acceleration is very impressive. The brakes are very good especially the engine braking which will extend the brake pad life for sure. I haven't taken it off road yet and don't really plan to since I mainly bought it for long distance touring. I was told the first service is between 600 and 1000 miles so I'm looking forward to getting that done before I plan my first trip out of town. The first accessory that I plan on buying is a center stand. I'll try and post some pics of the bike in the near future. Cheers!
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