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Africatwin.org Legacy Sales and Classifieds Rules - Effective Immediately


Staff member
May 13, 2015
This section is dedicated to members of africatwin.org to advertise their legacy motorcycles, gear, parts and other motorcycle related items. This section is not for commercial sales unless you have an advertising contract with africatwin.org. To find out more about obtaining an advertising contract please contact: media@africatwin.org. Failure to follow these rules will result in losing your privileges to post in the sales and classifieds section and may be banned.

Please include the following appropriate tag and your location:

- A tag for selling motorcycles, gear, parts and other motorcycle related items.
[WANTED] - Have something you're looking for? Use this tag.
- Want to give away a free motorcycle or items? This tag is for you.
[BARTER] - Use this tag if you're interested in trading.
Looking for an expert to hire? Use the [HIRING] tag.

Here is a good template: [FOR SALE] - Los Angeles, CA - 1988 Honda Africa Twin XRV650 w/ 4000 miles

When an item has sold, please mark the item sold.
For example: [FOR SALE] - Los Angeles, CA - 1988 Honda Africa Twin XRV650 w/ 4000 miles SOLD

These rules will be effective immediately. Thank you for being a member of africatwin.org. We are grateful and appreciative of all the members here.

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