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Amsterdam to Gambia on a Honda XLV750


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Jul 14, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
The Honda XLV750 was the precursor to the Honda Africa Twin. The XLV750 was deemed "unworthy" for the demanding environment riders would put it through and Honda decided scrap it, take what the company learned from the XLV750 and applied it to the Honda Africa Twin in the '80s.

I received an interesting journey from a rider on Instagram that traveled from Amsterdam to Gambia. Mike went from Amsterdam-Netherlands through Belgium, France, Spain, took the ferry across to Morocco, went westbound to the border of Algeria, southbound to the Sahara and crossed the West Sahara into Mauritania, the Senegal and finally Gambia.

The incredible journey took him four weeks, 9900km (about 6200 miles) and he mentioned it cost him around $1500 USD back in 2009. He had to cross rivers, gravel, and soft sand. Despite what Honda claimed, Mike said asides from the weight, the XLV750 didn't give him any issues at all and took foreign fuel like a champ.

Wanted to share some photos from his journey.


Getting help...

Stuck in a sandstorm.


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