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Any recommendations for large rear bag with pillion


New Member
Oct 2, 2018
Has anyone got experience of riding the AT two up with a rear bag instead of a top box.?
Is there room for a medium sized pillion with a large bag?

Any recommendations

Thanks in advance


Staff member
Jul 14, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
@sleepyOwl I’ve ridden two up with a generic medium size bag for a day trip up to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles. The bag was tied down to the luggage rack and it was pretty cozy but comfortable. I don’t have any experiences with adding a pillion because my wife likes to ride but I’d imagine adding a pillion similar to black dog’s wouldn’t give room for the rider.
A 30L drybag or duffle seems to fit quite well up and behind the passenger on the luggage rack. Mosko Moto makes one (Scout 25L) that looks like good quality and comes highly reviewed.
I've been using a waterproof and airtight bag that is intended for river sports (canoe/kayak) for years and it's worked well.
It's sold by an outdoor store here in Canada - Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC)


Without a passenger, I've used the 50 L Skully Dry Duffle across the pillion seat for all of my stuff. Good value and very well-made stuff.
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New Member
Sep 7, 2018
Im looking at a dry bag of 24 Liters ( you might try sailing Equipment suppliers I have seen some for 25€ )
the Problem is to get it strapped down safely on a CRF1000L . The existing rack is not bungy cord J hook friendly.

The best solution I have found is to add a rack ( 47€ from www.motea.com ) ,
in order to provide some decent strap / bungy J anchor positions. I have added a couple of webbing Loops Extended
out between the pillion and Drivers seats they fixed conveniently to the 2 bolts under the pillion seat.

I might add, that I don't find the CRF anywhere near as stable as the RD07a when a pillion passenger is on board.
any out of balance movement from the rear causes a good deal more instability. My son 18 has been passenger on both
and I felt decidedly off balance last time out with him on board the CRF. He has been riding behind me for 5 years
on the XRV RD07a . Therefore my advice is to take it easy with the loading high behind the pillion passenger.
And try to keep the COG down low with panniers if you are touring 2 up.
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