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Batzen Adjustable Screen Bracket - 2018 frica Twin


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Aug 16, 2018
Another rambling post. If you're busy or bored - run away ;)

I'm starting to really like my Africa Twin. It's taking me a while because it's very existence threatens my '08 Hayabusa - and I love that bike. A lot. But money is money and the kids keep wanting food so something has to go. The question is what? - and apparantly the kids aren't an option! 😂

My body is getting too old and broken to ride the Hayabusa for long periods and I need to do some miles - and not all on the flat black stuff. So queue the Africa Twin. It can't ever be as good as the Hayabusa in my eyes - but if it can be practical and rideable over long distance (not just the slower bumpy stuff) it has a chance of staying.

When I test rode the AT two things stood out. That hysterical 21" front wheel and the crazy jeckle and hyde personality change moving from 40mph - 60mph.

I thought I was prepared for it. I had read reviews claiming that for a certain rider height range the AT windscreen was, let's say, a challenge - but I wasn't ready. With training I couldn't have been ready. It was incredible. So perfectly, so utterly unrideable that I'm convinced it must have taken all of Honda's engineering prowess combined with the wrath of the God of wind to make it so bad.

So what's the problem? Well it's me apparantly. I'm too tall - or too short. Either is true. I haven't heard a bad review from people that have grown to a sensible height.

I'm 6'2" and while I knew that put me in "that" zone I didn't expect it to be as unrideable as it is above 40mph. A lot of this depends on your chosen seat height, your arm length and your chosen lid - but for the most part it's the windscreen. It can't offer perfect wind protection for everyone - that's a car - but if you're my height with my arm length the AT is not a viable ride with the stock screen. Not at all.

I'm not talking uncomfortable here. I'm not talking breezy, or noisy, or buffety. I'm talking about an intolerable level of blustery vibrational hell that I've never encountered before. I ride a Hayabusa. I have, let's say, enjoyed all it has to offer! Even when that almost 200bhp 186mph beast is roaring towards it's max output the wind is kinder to my wobbly little noggin' than the AT is above 40. Approaching 60mph in a breeze it takes all my concentration just to keep by bonce straight and that's no good. There's no way I could ride the bike like that for 20 minutes let alone all day.

Without a fix this bike is useless to me - with the seat in either position.

If I duck a bit however, it's perfect. Blissfull. Quiet and calm. Just the sexy exhaust tone egging me on to head for the horizon. Standing is good too. Not all the way just a few inches higher and the hellish screen blast is directed into my chin or chest. Not practical long distance but much better.

So off I went into the world of new screen hunting. And what a world that is. Far more options than I thought there would be. But for every option I found, I found a review from someone, around my height, saying it made no difference to the problem on an AT. I even found reviews from people saying they had bought 3 or 4 screens (including the taller Honda touring screen) and still had no luck making the bike rideable at 60mph. Incredible.

Well, I haven't got the money to buy multiple screens that might not work so I was stuck.

Queue africatwin.org to save the day!

I can't remember who's post I read first but thank you to everyone that shared their experience with the Batzen screen bracket. I don't yet know if it will solve my problem but it looks like its got to be the cheapest and best way to find out if it is solvable - and dealing with the guy who supplies it has been fantastic.

If you haven't heard of it yet, it's a bracket from Germany that makes the AT screen adjustable - and by quite a way. My fingers are tightly crossed - been pretty excited waiting for it to arrive.

Well, I just got this picture from home. Look what's waiting for me when I get in...


The AT's future hangs in the balance here. Just want to get it open :D

Gotta love my other half. Apparantly it came yesterday when no-one was in - and rather than make me wait until the weekend (a full 2 days) to go and get it from the post office, she secretly left early this morning and drove through rush hour traffic to get it before she went to work. Amazing. Love ya baby! ;)

So, once it's in my hands I will take a picture. I'll then take a couple more when I install it and let you know how it works out.

Fingers crossed..... 👍
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Aug 16, 2018
There is no website - just a guy who supplies them from Germany. All done by email & PayPal. gsadventure@gmx.net
I've found he always replies straight away. Very firendly, genuine & reliable. Less than £100 delivered to me in the Uk including a spare fixing.

Opened the box...



Looks good. Feels good. Just need to get it on the bike !!!!!

Sorry I didn't get the time last night - hopefully will tonight ready for a weekend test. 👍

Getting impatient now 😂


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Nov 3, 2018
Thanks for the pictures. I emailed him and he got back to me right away, indicating that he is about 2-weeks out on one that fits the Adventure Sports model with a little more consistency. I think I will make it with a national cycles VStream, as I have the latter on my KLR and it truly made that bike a joy to ride. I look forward to seeing your installation and hearing about your test.
Aug 16, 2018
Got the batzen screen installed with the stock screen.

Great product. Easy install. Cannot fault it or the service. Fantastic.

... but no good for me. Problem not solved!

It might be a little better - as far as buffeting is concerned... and my visor is fogging up more often so it has definitely reduced airflow to my lid a bit... but its far from solving the problem. Still sitting in very turbulent air - and still way too noisy.

So looks like i'm into working my way through the list of huge screens until I can find one I can live with - or sell the bike.... but don't think i'm ready to give up just yet ;) .... so Givi touring screen will be my next try.

So, great product but not working for me with this screen. Pics to follow!
Nov 5, 2017
Denver, CO
I am 6'4" and had the same issues with the factory screen. I opted for the Batzen bracket and the Puig tall touring screen, problem solved. In fact, I only raised the adjustable bracket about 1/2", so i have another 1 1/2" or so to raise the screen for if needed, i.e. Long
highway drives. I realize the look of the tall Puig screen isn't for everyone, but I love it
Aug 16, 2018
My install pics...

Removed OEM bolts & washers - kept them safe they are not re-used.

Notice that the OEM screen bolts are not tight.

The easiest install is to remove the screen, fix the brackets to the screen, then re-install on the bike.


Got some help removing the screen from a temporary resident...


Realised just how much the AT looks like a transformer without the screen...


Then I layed the screen face down (outside down) on something soft.

Prepped the scrren fixing. Comes with a combination of plastic and rubbers washers / spacers. Small plastic washer and softer rubber spacer on the outside of the screen as supplied. Harder plastic spacer on the inside.


Like this...


Then attached the bracket with the little metal fixing...


So that it looks like below.

Note that the bracket is attached at it's highest position so that the mounting holes are easily accessible.




Then attach it to the bike - I started with the top bolts using the black allen bolts from the kit.

Be careful with your well nuts that the bolts go in to - I've heard rumour that they easily fall into the fairing. That could ruin your day if you haven't planned a strip down. ;) They feel quite well fixed in mine - hopefully they improved things for the 2018 model.

Top bolts going in...


Then the bottom. The bottom bolts use the larger spacer in the kit.


Tighten your bolts to the tightness you're comfortable with.
Mine are not that tight - just like the OEM install. If the screen ever feels wobbly I will tighten them.

That's it. Simple.

As you can see the bracket is well made, looks good and work well.
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Aug 16, 2018
The result...


Personally I think it looks great - but it's not difficult to see why it hasn't helped my turbulance problem very much.

This bracket is perfect for what it is intended to do. The screen too - as long as what you want to do is not be over 6 foot and travel on tarmac.

I'm keeping the bracket. I like it. For an offroad trip or low speed play in the sun then I think it will be useful.

Unfortunately though, my height and the OEM screen are just not compatible at any height.

Givi D1144ST tall screen ordered.
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Nov 3, 2018
Thanks for all of the feedback. I have received my National Cycles VStream windscreen, and Wolfgang just notified me that he now has the bracket specifically made for the Adventure Sports in stock, so I ordered that this morning. I will let the group know how it works out once installed.
V-Stream Touring has 'wings' right there and it eliminates buffeting. I'm 6'1" and it, along with the Batzen, are the solution to the issues with wind noise and buffeting.

I've tried to experiment a bit with mine and found that this area is where the problem is:
Wind gets through there and hits me square on the shoulder. I am going to cut an allu shield to fill the gaps (and maybe slightly wider) and try it.
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