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Chain and Sprocket Life?


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Aug 14, 2016
So. Cal.
Sounds messy.

in the comments of the above Fortnine video, some people mention using chainsaw chain oil to lube their motorcycle chains. Does anyone out there do the same? Seems to me that it would hold onto a lot of grit, and it flings off a chainsaw chain so I imagine it would fling off a motorcycle chain as well. Could be worth a try though.


Oct 26, 2019
central fl
I switched to using Motul chain paste, easy to brush on and sticks to the chain, plus it is easy to carry on long trips
About ready to turn over 24,000 miles\~39,000 kms and mine are still in pretty decent shape.
WOW Honda's must have better parts! I won't be worried about chains in my life time! I'm getting a 150 ml tube now, most I have ever gotten out of a chain was a 15K miles on a 530VZ DID the A/T uses a 525! Motul 106513-AZ2 Chain Paste makes the diff I guess.

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