First Ride off pavement


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Jun 12, 2019
804/805 shinko is a great starter setup. They howl a bit at 110km /70mph but so forgiving on the dirt trail even without dropping air pressure.


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Apr 19, 2019
Try the Goose Creek/ Wellington lake road for more fun, when you get the tires of course. I was just up there 2 months ago with those same tires, and with my Mitas E 07's just a few weeks ago, MAJOR difference. And FS360 into (or from) Westcreek is a blast !!!!!


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Aug 14, 2016
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Look at it like winding the window between riding and falling. With the stock tires you have very little warning when the tire lets go, the more aggressive the tire the more warning you get. Oh, and if you are going to ride this thing off road, get crash bars worthy of the fall you might have. With GIVI lowers my first crash was worth $600 in parts, my second $400 worth. I have HEED bars now, no testing as of yet.
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Jul 31, 2021
Ozark Alabama
Looks close to where I go fly fishing with some buddies.

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Nice bike and cool picture. I agree with you about tires. I have 3K miles on a 21 AT with 6 speed manual. I am in the market for a new rear tire before to long, but not sure if I want to go more off road with the pattern or keep the Metzler Karoo street, as it has been a decent road tire, just not good offroad. I do spend 90-95% of the time on road so maybe a more offroad pattern isn't needed. It would still be fun to have some good offroad tires on it to see how it would hook up with the dirt, as what few times I have got into the throttle in the dirt, it gets pretty squirrelly rather fast. Good luck with your choice and let me know what you got and how they are. Keep the fun side up and rubber to the road.

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