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Givi windscreens


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Jul 21, 2017
Salisbury, NB, Canada
Anyone has the Givi AF1144 or D1144S windscreen on their AT? I am mainly interested if/how it reduces the noise and turbulence around the helmet. I used to have the Givi Airflow screen on my VStrom few years ago and it was very good.


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Aug 16, 2018
I've been hearing some good things about the GIVI Sport Touring screen (D1144ST) on the ATAS for taller riders - but I can't vouch for it (not used it).

I also see that Givi do an adjustable too - the AF1144 - but no experience there either.

What did you opt for?
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Aug 16, 2018
Bought and tested the Givi D1144ST (tall version).

Good quality screen, fits well. Changes the overall look of the bike but it doesn't look out of place.

There is some distortion looking through the screen which can confuse your eyes on a bend (one eyeball looking through the screen and the other looking round the screen) but it's not too bad.

Nice and quiet if you can tuck in behind it (if you like being behind screens) but at 6'2" (180cm) it's just as much of a blustery noisy nightmare as the OEM screen.

In conclusion, it probably depends on what you want and how tall you are - so I haven't helped anyone then 😂

Oh and I bought it on ebay. Some lunatic called NativeViking. Good price and good service - but I had the misfortune of actually speaking to the moron on the phone. I asked about a different screen to try (the adjustable) and then asked if he wanted the D1144ST back to resell. Instead of saying no he leapt into a hysterical 10 minute polictical diatribe about immigration, brexit, the English and blah blah blah. I was nearly crying with laughter at his right wing racist prejudice - just couldn't shut him up.

Might have been a tactic to avoid having to talk about a refund (that I didn't want) but I ended up putting him in his place with a few choice words I can't repeat here. Will not be giving him any more of my money. NativeViking - Despicable human being in my experience.


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