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Hand guards Acerbis X Factors Step by step fitting Or a way to avoid the pain

Sep 7, 2018
Unfortunately we are restricted to 10 pictures this should have been a 25 picture 80-100kb each step by step so I have included the most important ones only , However I will take questions on this if you have difficulties assembling the kit.


As a previous XRV owner , I quickly became aware that the CRF hand guard is pretty ... pretty well useless.
As an aesthetic addition to the bike its just fine , but it fails to keep the back of my hand warm
even in a mild Autumn , or protect your hand in a scrape situation. The XRV's guard did however for me for many years.
The first time I dropped my CRF in a muddy field at a near standstill, I snapped the little black bracket holder to the bars.
the whole guard then just flopped around like a cold shower.

So like many others before us, off we go to aftermarket.

ORG Members Experience of the aftermarket offerings includes items that are just poor by design:
non fitting brackets, missing hardware, first time out breakages, another horror story even included a sticking throttle :eek:

Wary of this my research led me to review some aspiring products from several manufacturers, but quickly the experiences on our site, led me to look not only at the aesthetics, but also the not inconsiderable challenge to mount the off the peg offerings
in a safe and orderly way. I took heart from seeing the CRF450 rally concept and decided to go this way for my purchase.


For those of you who have cold hands, poor off road skills or both like me then this "ACERBIS" Step by Step is for you.

Enter ACERBIS Latin translation = Suffering / Painful / Bitter

Africa Twin quin filios suos hortetur ut, qui in ACERBIS illis condicionibus inveniantur,
ad divinam misericordiam appropinquent per alias vias,

The Africa Twin can only invite her children who find themselves in these painful situations
to approach the divine mercy by other ways.

The above is my critical way of describing the ACERBIS X Factor handguards as shown on the CRF450 but before going
into all the subsequent issues I had with mounting it. I'm first going to describe what is otherwise very good about this kit.

1. The durability of the guard materials. Is Excellent . The mounting bar is very robust Aluminium Profile.
2. The mounting kit , again the bar mount clamp is robust , but also it has inserts for adaption on a tapered bar.
3. The Deflector material is mounted injection moulded 100% of its length on a separate a stiffener.
4. The Deflector can be easily modified to allow more air flow to hands by a simple material removal from the slots.
5. The Deflector size is large and greatly reduces wind chill compared to the standard guards.
6. Design I wanted something that looked really good on our CRF1000's In Black or (White for the Tri-Colour) I think it does.
7. Price is reasonable for full kit. Dec18 I obtained mine online & delivered for € 129 at time of writing $ 146

What you get in the Kit:

kit adapters.jpg
kit cover needs milling.jpg

STEPS and NOTES to disassemble and remount new parts.

long nose in place.jpg

When putting the black bar clamps onto the Handlebars take care not to pinch the tapered bar its vulnerable to over torque on the underside , use only the taper aluminium inserts checking they are correctly orientated to match L and R side of your bars.

Stress point pinch.jpg

kit cover needs black.jpg
Note there is a clearance issue on the lock wheel to the clutch cable , I just removed mine and took up the cable slack at the clutch end of the cable. Behind the milled bar / mount screw there are also washers to allow you to twist make a fine adjust.
I felt I had to do this adjustment as otherwise you will be clamping on the curve and taper of the Handlebar , after doing it everything fits so much easier and it all swims into place , no longer needs to stress you , while mounting at the bar ends. Slot milled mounted.jpg Clearance issue lock wheel.jpg Acerbis Bar end stop .jpg
You will replace the Honda brass colour items with just the Acerbis part on the right ,
you have unscrew the Acerbis clamp first and reassemble it to the guard bar as the screw positive locates,slots inside it .

I'm fairly sure that the Honda Standard weight is responsible to dampen steering vibration ,
but till now I have not felt any discomfort by not having them in place.
You could conceivably replace the weight and attach a wire or cable tie to get them out again at a later date.


As you can see there is a bit to do and watch out for to get this kit well fitted , which is a shame really as the hardware is otherwise extremely well made. Personally it was nice to make it fit it as it should be. However I find myself reflecting though why companies seem not to care these days about engineering items correctly. As with a little bit more care from Acerbis and also Honda their products would be much more enjoyable out of the box.

Here is the finished Bike , I left a silver mount screw on and also replaced one black , I wonder which side you prefer ?

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