Heed Bunker Buster / SW Motech Skid Plate Combo.


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Aug 14, 2016
So. Cal.
I finally tested my crash bars and skid plate. I don’t know why but I seem to only crash this bike on the left side. ??? This wasn’t really a crash, it was a low speed dropping of the bike on a rock with the rock impacting the lower part of the middle cowl / stator cover area of the bike. I heard a substantial crunch when the bike went down but a quick inspection of the bike afterwards didn’t reveal damage consistent with the noise I heard. As usual, when washing my bike the other day I found the damage, a good gash in the skid plate, a mark on the stator cover where the skid plate flexed and made contact, and a dent in the lower part of the crash bar along with rash up the entire side of the bar. Damage to the bike itself... none. Without the crash bars and skid plate I’d probably be looking at a middle cowl and stator cover, maybe a radiator. I did trim the skid plate so there’s more clearance to the stator cover, but other than that the crash protection performed perfectly, just dents and scrapes, no deformation.

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