Honda OEM heated grips vs Aftermarket


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Feb 23, 2016
Esperance Western Australia
Some info for anyone wanting to know if the OEM heated grips are worth it.

What do you get:
  • slim grips (some people don't like thick grips) and they are slimmer than e.g. Oxford
  • integrated dash display - little icon that shows they are on, and when you change the level, it displays the level for a while.
  • integrated button on the left heated grip that switches them on/off, and adjust the power level as opposed to a 'powerboard'.
  • integrated led in the left grip/switch that flashes the power setting when switched on, or when you change the power setting (i.e. when the power level is 3, it flashes intermittently three time).

What they don't tell you:
  • the button on the left grip gets in the way when you ride off-road and/or have big hands. I've lost count on the amount of times I accidentally switched on the grips in the desert heat whilst riding off-road - pretty annoying
  • the led light on the left grip is very bright. in fact, its annoyingly bright when you are riding at night and affects your night vision. Mine is green, and I noticed the 250Rally has an amber led, which would undoubtedly be much better. So as a suggestion, try and get an amber led grips rather than green or any other colour.
  • the price is about 3x times that of aftermarket grips, such as Oxford, so not cheap
  • they are not nearly as effective as specifically Oxford grips (see badly edited video below). They seem to max out at about 80C, whilst Oxford grips reach around 140C.


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Jul 26, 2017
Southeast England
Thanks Squily, very helpful and really handy to see the comparison between the two working. I've just ordered a set of Oxford Touring grips based on your video


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Aug 10, 2017
Denver, CO
I’m buying heated gloves this time around.
The fatigue caused by trying to grip the bars to stay warm just outways the benefit imo.

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I hear ya. I do have the Honda OEM heated grips installed for the "always there" factor. But for really keeping my hands warm in the winter, I like my Gerbings Hybrid (rechargeable battery or plug in) far better and they keep both the tops and bottoms of the fingers warm. :)
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Dec 12, 2018
Albany, Oregon
Had the dealer install the factory heated grips before I took delivery of my bike. My train of thought was to have them covered under the warranty. So far I have no complaints and have not needed to run them beyond the #3 setting during 600+ miles of January & February Oregon riding.
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Sep 5, 2017
Yes the Koso's are good. If you are in Europe you can find them under another name (sorry can't remember what it was). They still don't get as hot as cheapo ones but they are adequate. If you have a DCT you need to be careful about aligning the left Koso otherwise the housing or wire interferes with down paddle action.
The overly bright LED on these and on the OEM ones is easily dimmed with a felt tip pen.
I liked the Kosos because you could easily see what setting they were on by glancing at the LED (different colour for different temperatures). Whereas the OEM items only tell you what setting you WERE on :) because you have to press the button to find out. I'm sure Honda could have provided an option in the cyclable displays so you could show heated grip setting (instead of say negative countdown trip mileage)
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Feb 23, 2016
Esperance Western Australia
During an off/crash the OEM heated grips controller is extremely vulnerable on the grip. Can't take much of an impact and falls apart.

My do-overs will most definitely not include any grips with an activator on the grips themselves.


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