Hyperpro progressive spring kit +20mm


New Member
Sep 23, 2021
Skopje. North Macedonia
Hyperpro progressive spring kit installed, the bike feels much more planted, when i sit on the bike it doesn't move down like it used to with the stock springs, the bike rides amazing in curves.. i feel like driving a new bike. The kit rises the travel +20MM. I had 23k km on it so i changed the seals as well, SKF Green Seals is my choice. I really recommend this upgrade, its not expensive, for 270 euros. The kit eliminates front dive while crazy braking, the bike doesn't care if the curve is uneven or with potholes while driving, like a train on rails. Im 190cm and 100kg with gear. The bike was a little bit on the soft side when i had my luggage and a passenger. Thats why i pulled the triger on this kit.



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