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May 13, 2015
I live in Idaho and am always looking for someone to ride with. I ride both dirt and street and will be getting an AT when it comes out.

Hit me up if you want to ride!


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May 13, 2015
If I get this bike, it will for sure end up in Alaska on at least one trip!

Heck, maybe a bunch of us could meet up and go together? That would be epic ADVrider.com material right there!
May 14, 2015
I would say Canada is the perfect match for the AT.

(And ehm.. Africa maybe) ;)

I was reading up on Idaho the other day. They say it is the prefect state to live in if you want to be left alone. Is that true?

And a fun fact:
In Idaho law forbids a citizen to give another citizen a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds.
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May 13, 2015
There are different parts of Idaho.

Rule 1. Southern Idaho sucks. Anything south of Boise should just be given to Utah. For many various reasons.

Rule 2. Northern and Eastern Idaho is beautiful, but nobody sees that on the freeway, so all they see is desert and inbreds at the exits and truckstops.

Rule 3. We designed rule 2 on purpose to keep too many Californians from moving here.

Rule 4. We like our guns. Alot. And everybody north of Boise is packing. Like to carjack old ladies? That sweet old lady here has a snub nose .357 in her purse and will blow your head off cause she also knows how to use it.

Rule 5. Every bad thing you hear about conservative republicans is actually true here. Everything except for guns are illegal here.
There will never be legalized Marijuana here. Or public assistance. Or Headstart programs for children.

Rule 6. I bitch about our State Govt alot, but would never move away. I'm weird. :confused:
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May 16, 2015
Roanoke Valley, VA, USA
Idaho is the most southern state out west.

She is a right to work state.

And like you typed, victumless crimes see a lot of jail time.

SOCAL folk like to retire there! Can't blame them.

The below is from this website

As an extremely conservative state, Idaho scores very well on economic freedom but poorly on personal freedom. Idaho wins the title for “most improved state” between the years 2009 and 2011. All that improvement came from enhanced economic freedom, especially regarding fiscal policy.

After Wyoming, Idaho has the lowest government debt ratio in the United States. Its tax burden of 8.2 percent is also among the lowest, and it has fallen from 9.6 percent since 2001. However, state government is overly dependent on federal grants, and as a result government consumption plus subsidies and government employment are both above average (11.7 percent of personal income and 14.1 percent of private employment, respectively).

Real property rights are protected in Idaho, except that eminent domain reform has left giant loopholes. Idaho is a right-to-work state with no minimum wage—though workers’ compensation rules are strict—and health insurance mandates add only 15.3 percent to the cost of premiums (but there are rating bands and guaranteed issue in both small group and nongroup markets). Idaho is also ranked among the best states for occupational freedom, although it has declined slightly in recent years. Telecom has been deregulated. Idaho’s tort system is above average, and it is tied with Illinois, Utah, and Wisconsin for second-least-regulated personal auto and homeowners’ insurance markets, after Wyoming.

Idaho does very well on gun and educational freedoms, but scores poorly on victimless crimes (crime-adjusted incarceration rates are more than one and a half standard deviations worse than the national average), marijuana, alcohol (it has state beer, wine, and spirits wholesale and retail monopolies with a high markup on spirits especially), gambling, and same-sex partnerships. The state has few restrictions on motorists other than secondary seat belt enforcement and an open container law. It deserves credit for being one of the few states to refuse to authorize privacy-invading sobriety checkpoints. Its score is mediocre on tobacco freedom due to smoking bans in restaurants and private workplaces.

Policy Recommendations
  • Cut government spending and employment, especially on general administration, public buildings, and sanitation and sewerage, where the state is above the national average. Use savings to cut the general sales tax.
  • Give eminent domain reform some real teeth by prohibiting all private-to-private transfers, making blight standards building-specific, and placing limits in the constitution.
  • Privatize the state alcohol monopolies and adopt a license system. This reform alone would have raised Idaho eight places on personal freedom.


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Jul 28, 2015
I live way up in N. Idaho and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Not really sure about some of the info from the "Feedomin50" site... Booze is cheap, tobacco is cheap, and its one of the last states I know of where you can smoke in a bar if so inclined. There is no state gaming outside of the lottery, but the Tribes have casinos if you are interested in that type of thing. Seat belt tickets have doubled in the last few years .....all the way to $10, there is no helmet law, no smog testing (at least not up here) and you can put a street plate on virtually anything (dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, SxS, etc) with no hassle. Open carry of firearms is legal and done on a regular basis. We have fairly liberal fish and game laws with long seasons and many options. Basically, it's a great place to be left alone without all the trappings of a nanny state looking after you.
Property taxes are fairly low, as are normal property values, but that is rapidly changing as more and more people from wealthier states retire here and drive the cost of living up. We are saddled with both an income tax and a sales tax which is a burden. Like was said previously, I too bitch about the state government on a regular basis, but then run across the border to Washington and realize I don't have it so bad after all....
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