Installed the Smart Turn System (self cancelling turn signal)


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Jun 1, 2022
Nijverdal, Netherlands
My last 3 motor bikes (BMW K1100LT, Triumph Tiger Explorer, Triumph Tiger 800Xrx) all had self cancelling turn signals. So my thumb lost the muscle memory of cancelling.
That was the first thing I missed on my 2017 Africa Twin. In my first group ride, my buddies had point me to the still flashing turn signal. (I know that later models do have some kind of cancelling system)

Therefor I ordered the Smart Turn System.
Last week I installed it. I put the unit in the right fairing. Zip tight it to the air intake. Connected it in to the wiring harness from the left handle and inserted the little foam things in the turn switch.
It toke me several hours to install and I still need to tidy up some cabling.
On my first test ride, I was surprised to see how well it worked. It is flawless feeling when a curve has ended to turn off the signal.
It works a lot better than the systems on the BMW and the Triumphs.

Anyone has experience with this system?


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