My 2021 Africa Twin DCT, with about 4,000 miles, seems to be vibrating more…


New Member
Jul 8, 2021
Waltham, Ma.
It’s regularly serviced, not ridden very hard, never off road.
Lately, I think I feel somewhat more vibration in the foot pegs and handgrips.
It MAY be me just kind of neurotically over worrying about something that was always there,
as I do tend it that direction my my cycles (and not being very mechanically adept).
But I do wonder.
Any thoughts?

Thanks, as always, for any input,

Bruce Waltham, Ma.


Active Member
Jul 23, 2020
the tyre thread is changing over time (miles) and this might lead to some vibration… i had this on the stock tyres after around 5oookm, changed to pirelli str, which was a disaster after just 3000km,…. but now happily riding my second set of continental tkc 70‘s without any problem …


New Member
Jan 14, 2022
Florida, USA
At 4k I changed to Alpina tubeless and Continental TA3. Wow.....just did a road trip and very smooth, handles more like a sport tour, other than needing a lot more push to turn in. 21 AT DCT.

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