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New Tires: Shop or install yourself?

Mar 15, 2018
Great Plains
The tools are cheap Two or three levers and the axle wrenches. You can get rim protectors if you don't want to scratch the wheels with the levers. Some lubricant; I use Windex from a spray bottle. If you do it yourself in your garage, you'll know what to do when you have a flat on the road. Just lay it over on its side and pull off the wheel...


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Nov 2, 2015
SouthEast Kansas
A way to break the bead and some really heavy duty zip ties are helpful also.

The main thing I have found is making sure the tire bead and wheel rim stay nice and slippery, and taking small bites with the irons.

As mentioned before watch the How-To videos
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May 13, 2015
@geirvmax We usually have the shop install our first set of tires but will replace anything after that on our own. It’s good to learn how to do in case of an emergency and don’t forget cuss words. You’ll need a lot of cuss words. :)

A user by the name of dirtdrone did a tool upgrade and below are some tools with links he recommended:
Motion Pro 12/13mm tire lever • Revzilla
Motion Pro 22mm tire lever • Revzilla
Motion Pro 27mm tire lever • Revzilla
Tube patches and glue • Revzilla
Spare tubes (rider preference)
Cable ties • Amazon

Check out the thread here if you are considering upgrading your tool kit too. Great info and a good starting point: https://www.africatwin.org/threads/upgrading-tool-kit.1236/#post-4779
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Feb 23, 2016
Esperance Western Australia
few reasons its better to do yourself, but mainly cause I don't trust the numb-nuts in the shops. mate borrowed my bike and fitted a new tyre at a shop- they didn't ensure the left and right chain tensioners were the same and misaligned the wheel. After 1500km the new tyre and the rear wheel bearing was buggered.

but its always good to practise under ideal conditions for when you may need to do it in not so surreal areas
I've done mine for my bikes and friends for years now without issue. I bought a NoMar tire changer and tools and use it for the beastly tires with stiff sidewalls. That machine has literally saved me thousands of dollars over the years and paid for itself many times over. The last couple on my AT I've done by hand as an exercise just to make sure I could manage with hand tools if there was a flat - no problem, just a bit more 'cussing', lots of tire lube, and elbow grease. :)
I bought a container of the NoMar vegetable based tire lube about 10-12 years ago, done about 20-25 tire changes (at least) and still have some left - good value for $17.00. Works better and more consistently than Windex or sprays IMHO.

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