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Post your random Canadian Picture !


Staff member
May 13, 2015
Oh, that's what that is!


May 14, 2015
It is about 6 feet high. The big rock nearly flipped my Kubota tractor. And just rearranging the stones was such a chore that I still feel the pain after two days.
It is there to stay.


Gold Rider
Oct 7, 2019
Calgary Alberta Canada
Nothing like a rolling pipeline to block your way, to bad in Canada there is not a better way!

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Don't get me started on pipelines. So it makes more sense to run trains full of oil and gas through towns and cities than allow a pipeline to be built? Oh, and it's perfectly acceptable to run LNG tankers through the BC straights? Then the topper is to have the British Columbia (BC) Premier complain gasoline is too expensive and its a conspiracy by oil companies. I lived in BC about 20 years ago and was warned then the initials BC stood for Bring Cash! Those of us on the east side of the Rocky Mountains are mystified. But I digress, ride on.

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