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Shock Absorbers from The Shock Factory


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Morning guys,
At MarksMotorcycleParts we are the UK agent for The Shock Factory and can supply single and double adjustable shocks for all models of variants of 750cc and 1000cc Africa Twins. Single adjustable gives you one adjuster that varies compression and rebound damping in a preset ratio. Double adjustable gives you independent control over compression & rebound. Both feature threaded collars for preload adjustment.
All shocks come with a spring chosen for your weight, and can be built over or under length at no extra cost if you want to vary the ride height or steering characteristics. All shocks include a C spanner, 2 year warranty and delivery.
To inquire about the shocks or discuss any suspension issues, PM me or else email mark@marksmotorcycleparts.co.uk. Full details are available on my website https://www.marksmotorcycleparts.co.uk/shock-absorbers
Single adjustable £350, double adjustable £500.
Cannot ship to the US, Canada or Germany due to product liability laws. Sorry but I have no control over this.
Cheers, Mark

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