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Short rides from down under


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Feb 23, 2016
Esperance Western Australia
We ride quite remote - If you don't take it, you don't have it.

  • Water
  • Food
  • swag/tent
  • extra fuel
  • Trangia stove, coffee hand-spresso etc
  • basic tools
  • lithium power pack (for jumpstarting the bike etc)
  • spare tubes, pump and patch kit
  • SPOT tracker, Kindle, camera, phone and sometimes a small travel pc
  • folding table and chair
just the normal stuff...


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Feb 23, 2016
Esperance Western Australia
Extremely boring and shortish ride report as I did not take enough pictures (again)

Had to adapt my plans as my house sitters cancelled on me the day before I was due to leave. Another mate offered to manage the animal husbandry for me, so I still got to go away on Friday morning. Met up with Dirk and Jack at Norseman just after 8 and we hit the track shortly after.

I was the 1st casualty of the day: saw some tracks from other bikes that looked like they hit clay. Over-thinking and too slow I managed to find the only ditch to fall into :fpalm

A little down there road and Jack found some interesting sand formations this warranted closer scrutiny.

Later, we discovered he also donated his only Leatherman to the sandman. Hitting the 1st lakes, I was so busy sightseeing, I again managed to hit the only clay spot and had another nap :augie

No further issues, but a detour or two.

We skipped the trek north to Balladonia RH and continued East along the telegraph line. At the highway, I used 1st gate out instead of my normal 2nd gate. As we were closing the gate, a Goldwing went bang in front of us and pulled up about 50m on. Conrod through the block.

Lucky for him we stopped there or we would never have seen him. Gave him a tow back to Balladonia RH.

Off course I couldn't allow a BMW to tow the Goldwing, because well we'll never hear the end of it and who knows if the final drive will take the strain? And then we all know the DR simply won't have the power... Well that is my story and I'm sticking to it

By now our timetable was completely screwed, as we originally intended to camp somewhere south-east of Cocklebiddy. So we opted for a campsite south of Baxter tower halfway on the 90-mile straight. Still setting up camp and Neal calls: Robbin is stuck a few kms east of us with a busted tube and no spare. So after rescuing him, Dirk gave up his spare tube (I offered mine, but found my trusted spare was completely perished - sheesh!!)

Saturday morning saw a leisurely ride east and decent brekkie at Cocklebiddy.

Off we went to the telegraph track and on to Madurah. Best laid plans of mice and men... Or as my wife so fondly says: 'you and the f+&#ing GPS! I'm going to stick it up your.....'

So I got us lost. I mean This sign can't say anything important right?

So after over 10km through the dunes and going down a washed out track over the escarpment, it was time for some stocktaking.... continue another 10km through the dunes and stay over at Eyre Bird Observatory and miss the Border run, or turn around and head back. Dirk said he wanted to continue and go for a swim in the ocean... Hmmm....

So we turned around and did 10km back through the dunes. Hats off to Jack. Not one complaint or reproach whilst battling the GS through the dunes. Dirk? His smile just got bigger and bigger... 'I like a challenge!'. DR riders are crazy people...

Shhhh!!!! Don't wake up the monster!!

Back at Cocklebiddy, we headed east knowing well there was a few hours of night riding ahead. We made decent time and managed to shadow a big rig most of the way (taking care of any stray roos and other animals for us), arriving Border village just before 8PM.

Some well deserved food to heat up again ...

Next morning saw us split up. Dirk was considering going on to the OCR. Heading into a mother of a headwind the entire day. Fuel consumption? What fuel consumption? 11.2-13.3 km/l. But other than cold and wet, no issues. Managed to get home before 6.

Thanks to all who made this another ride to remember :rayof

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