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What Did You Do On Quarantine Today?


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Aug 14, 2016
So. Cal.
Well, for those of us that have been sent home from work, what did you do today?


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Sep 12, 2018
Started organizing/cleaning up all the bike parts I have accumulating in the basement. Came across a piston from my MB5, forgot just how small they are, pretty comical. Amazing though that it can still propel my fat ass at traffic speeds.



Oct 26, 2019
central fl
Watched MOTOGP races from back when Nicky Hayden ruled supreme. I didn't think covid 19 even once all afternoon.... Dorna offering free full races to pass the time.


Oct 26, 2019
central fl
Old buddy called to say he was ending his grow season in the garden so if i needed any thing like cabbage etc come get em or the cows and goats would eat good today. Corn beef and cabb sounded good so off i went on the A/T grocery getter. Hooked up the AKASO V50X with ext mic in helmet to see if all the foam mods I've done to eliminate the wind noise worked? It didn't! But coming into my hood via the back gate, which I no longer have a bar code to open gate, ( just wait for an in or out) one old Lexus comin out I'm goin in, stops blocking my way and says hey you live here! Full face helmet with recording device on top! Neighbor hood Gestapo's just burn my A$$$!! he was trying to hold me up till the gate closed. (one gate for out and another for in) I was on the out side between his d door and curb. I replied thru the helmet (face shield down) yes I lived here with more profaneness than George Carlin knew. Back gate used to be used for a short cut thru the hood and got so bad we now have this automated gate that keeps the association fees where they are. Front gates closes from 7pm to 6am but is wide open to anyone all day, closed back gate isn't needed anylonger IMO. This still has me boilin, the last time a un M/C friendly and I had words "maybe the same schmuck" was after I passed him doin 15 mph in the posted 25mph street with no double yellow he swerves so I motioned for him to follow if he wanted to discuss this. He did with his wife recording us in front of my residence as I and he tried to intimidate each other into doing a call 911 incident. I don't have a clue who he is so its not a rowdy neighbor issue and I have always had good neighbors so the old "6 diff neighbors and all six are shytheads" guess who is the prob! don't imply. So my day has a bit of excitement so far.. Who's wrong here? now that I think about it I'm sure this is the same guy!


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May 13, 2015
We've been cleaning and fixing plumbing issues with the house. Went for a few quick rides just to clear our minds. Will keep everyone updated. Stay safe!


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May 6, 2018
Well, as I was watching our commercial side of the airline business slow to a crawl. Airbus, Boeing and Spirit all shut down that side of their plants. Three of us on the HASS CNC side of the plant were laid off yesterday. No telling when or if it comes back anytime soon, so I'm prepping for the IBDR a year in advance. I guess when your given lemons, make lemonade.

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