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  1. Kelly: 900 miles on my beauty and starting to add farkkes. Added the Honda grip heaters and love the clean installation and display integration! Next up: crash bars. What choices are there?
  2. SoCalEddie: Welcome @Kelly! Seems like you have some good problems on your hands. :) A lot of good choices for crash bars. You have Touratech, SWMotech, Givi, Honda, Altrider and more! Let us know what you decide to get or start a thread to get a conversation going.
  3. Admin: Congratulations to @erikvb for winning the 2017 best short ride report! He won $100 and wishing him many safe rides on his Africa Twin.
  4. SLOCORider: Remember if you are changing crankcase oil, there are 2 (yes TWO) drain plugs ! To completely drain the crankcase you must remove both !
  5. Admin: AFRICATWIN.ORG is giving away $100 to the best short ride report!
  6. SeaEngine: Hi @Ken503! New here too. Looking forward to seeing more riders from San Diego as well.
  7. SoCalEddie: Hi everyone! Welcome to the new website. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's journey. Stay tune for giveaways, goodies and new things coming down the pipeline. Spread the word!
  8. Ken503: Hey, SoCalEddie! Made the jump over from hatriders. Thanks for the notice. Hope to see some more PNW folks in here too.
  9. SoCalEddie: @Ken503 Welcome! Glad to see you here.
  10. Admin: We'll be closing the best tech tip competition on November 17th, 2017 and the winner will be announced November 20th, 2017
  11. WillC: Greetings forum. I have a 2016 AT and moving to Austin Texas next month. Are there any AT owners in Austin?
  12. Admin: @Coyote Never too early. Welcome to and glad you’re part of the team.
  13. kristofh: Welcome :)
  14. Coyote: is there a particular part of the site that deals w/mods of the africa twin?
  15. Coyote: hello, guys and gals!! little early with my membership as most I'm sure have africa twin already, getting ready to purchase mid winter to give sometime to personally prepare
  16. kristofh: just go for the 17 with a great discount price, unless you really need a bigger tank ;)
  17. Admin: @WillC Welcome to the forum! Happy to have you here at!
  18. Raley: Quick question, Should I wait for the 2018 AT or go ahead get the 17 for a great price ? Are the changes to the 2018 worth the extra expense ?
  19. SoCalEddie: @Raley Good question. If you start a thread in the general discussions thread, I can give you some facts and photos to help you in your decision.
  20. Admin: @Coyote The mods discussions can be found in the "Africa Twin General Dicussions" or in the "Garage" threads. You can also do a search in the upper right hand corner too! Let us know if you need help.