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    Happy 2018 everyone! Hope many good things come this year. Wanted to start this 2018 ADV/Dual Sport events thread and will add more info soon. Let us know if you know of any local or national events.

    01/07/18-12/23/18 - AMA District 2 Polar Bear Grand Tour • Northeast USA • Organized by Polar Bear Grand Tour

    01/01/18-12/31-18 - Africatwin.org Iron Butt Challenge • US and International • Organized by Iron Butt

    03/22/18-03/25/18 - March Moto Madness "Mother Rally" • Mother Rally Tellico Plains, TN • Organized by March Moto Madness

    06/01/18-06/03/18 - Red River Scramble 2018 • Red River Gorge, KY • Organized by Red River

    06/06/18-06/09/18 - DirtDaze Adventure Bike Rally • Lake Luzerne, NY • Organized by DirtDaze

    06/21/18-06/24/18 - 2018 Touratech Rally West at Plain, WA • Plain, WA • Organized by Touratech

    07/19/18-07/22/18 - 2018 ADVWOMAN Rendevous • Granby, CO • Organized by ADVWOMAN

    08/16/18-08/19/18 - Fundy Adventure Rally • Fundy Region of Southern New Brunswick, Canada • Organized by Fundy Adventure Rally

    08/22/18-08/26/18 - Rally in the Gorge • Hood River, OR • Organized by Sound Rider

    08/31/18-09/02/18 - The Overland Event 2018 • Hill End, Oxford (UK) • Organized by Overland Event

    11/1/18-11/5/18 - 2018 ADV Rally • Julian, CA • Organized by Adventure Rally Series

    Big Bear Run • TBD

    KTM Rider Rally • TBD

    Yosemite Dual Sport Adventure • TBD

    Bishop Three Day Ride • TBD


    *updated 02/12/18 and will update as we receive more dates
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  2. Local for the ladies and families

    2018 ADVWOMAN Rendevous

    Adventure Rally by Women, for women & their families

    July 19-22 , 2018 Granby, Colorado


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  4. Thank you. Will add these to the list!
  5. A bit too far for me:D
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  6. Me too. But am just trying to help with the list :)

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  7. Thank you @Cuchulainn! I’ll do some homework and see if there are any events for @kristofh in Belgium. Will update this thread soon!
  8. Fundy Adventure Rally, Fundy Region of Southern New Brunswick, Canada
    AUGUST 16-19, 2018
    Sara and I may actually be up there in the area mid-August. If so we will stop in :)
  9. updated 01/09/18 and will be updated weekly or monthly as we get more info on new events. Thanks all.
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  11. Thank you. Updated 2/12/18. The Africatwin.org Rally is still pending and we might be too late in the game for 2018. Will make an announcement and see if we can get something going for 2019. We're also planning on being at the Barstow to Vegas event and will keep everyone posted.

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