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    Happy 2018 everyone! Hope many good things come this year. Wanted to start this 2018 ADV/Dual Sport events thread and will add more info soon. Let us know if you know of any local or national events.

    01/07/18-12/23/18 - AMA District 2 Polar Bear Grand Tour • Northeast USA • Organized by Polar Bear Grand Tour

    01/01/18-12/31-18 - Africatwin.org Iron Butt Challenge • US and International • Organized by Iron Butt

    06/01/18-06/03/18 - Red River Scramble 2018 • Red River Gorge, KY • Organized by Red River

    06/06/18-06/09/18 - DirtDaze Adventure Bike Rally • Lake Luzerne, NY • Organized by DirtDaze

    06/21/18-06/24/18 - 2018 Touratech Rally West at Plain, WA • Plain, WA • Organized by Touratech

    07/19/18-07/22/18 - 2018 ADVWOMAN Rendevous • Granby, CO • Organized by ADVWOMAN

    08/16/18-08/19/18 - Fundy Adventure Rally • Fundy Region of Southern New Brunswick, Canada • Organized by Fundy Adventure Rally

    08/31/18-09/02/18 - The Overland Event 2018 • Hill End, Oxford (UK) • Organized by Overland Event

    11/1/18-11/5/18 - 2018 ADV Rally • Julian, CA • Organized by Adventure Rally Series

    Big Bear Run • TBD

    KTM Rider Rally • TBD

    Yosemite Dual Sport Adventure • TBD

    Bishop Three Day Ride • TBD


    *updated 01/09/18 and will update as we receive more dates
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  2. Local for the ladies and families

    2018 ADVWOMAN Rendevous

    Adventure Rally by Women, for women & their families

    July 19-22 , 2018 Granby, Colorado


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  4. Thank you. Will add these to the list!
  5. A bit too far for me:D
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  6. Me too. But am just trying to help with the list :)

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  7. Thank you @Cuchulainn! I’ll do some homework and see if there are any events for @kristofh in Belgium. Will update this thread soon!
  8. Fundy Adventure Rally, Fundy Region of Southern New Brunswick, Canada
    AUGUST 16-19, 2018
    Sara and I may actually be up there in the area mid-August. If so we will stop in :)
  9. updated 01/09/18 and will be updated weekly or monthly as we get more info on new events. Thanks all.
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