2018 Africa Twin Rally version New Video

Discussion in 'Africa Twin News' started by 318Photo, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Another vid of the ATAS Offroad..

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  2. Sales date, please honda!
  3. Wonder why all the videos of the released versions overseas I have seen videos and photos Do not show these 2 wind deflectors like in this pic Hmmmm Honda have a change of heart of these
  4. 318photo, I’ll let you know, I’ve just added these to my order, as they are now avialble on the Honda uk dealer order list.
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  5. Great bike thanks for posting.

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  6. Generally Honda only send the test bikes out as standard, sans farkles. Nothing to concern yourself about.
  7. Does anybody know about any changes to the air filter access?
  8. Hi Guys, a review on the adventure sport.
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  9. @xoliver The 2018 Africa Twin Adventure Sports should be making their way to Spain soon. Last time I checked it prices were €12,599 for the manual and €13,549 for the DCT. The video @Corki posted also has the same price.
  10. Went to the dealer today.
    Adventure sport, TC, abs, Manual; 14500€.
    It's a very high bike, and very, very beautiful!
    But, i'm keeping my 2016 AT...

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