2018 Africa Twin release date

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  1. anyone have any info on 2018 release date or specs?
  2. Can't give you an exact date but stay tune with EICMA 2017 during November 9th-12th. Honda generally releases new products and information around that time.

    Africatwin.org does have exclusive press coverage for this year's Progressive Motorcycle Show in Long Beach and the 2018 Honda Africa Twin is on top of the list. Prepare for photos and videos... :)

    Let us know what you'd like to see and we'll do our best to cover it.
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  3. Bold new Graphics
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  4. Tubeless tires and that double gas tank.....

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  5. Having been in and following the motorcycle industry for awhile my money is on BNG as @Gumrunner said.
  6. @OneEarTim I hope you're right but if anything I recon it will be a variation of this

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  7. Cruise control

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  8. Larger fuel tank...24l would be great

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  9. I've been holding out on buying my AT waiting for the 2018 model. Tubeless tires would make it worth my wait. Cruise control an added bonus. Finally sold my BMW scooter last week. Now just waiting for the 2018 announcement. Tough being without a bike on these nice fall days. But with winter coming fast decided I could wait for the 2018s. If they don't have some worthy improvements, figure I can get a better deal on a 2107.
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  10. The prices on 2017 Africa Twins have decreased at a dealer here in Southern California. We're getting close to 2018 models. :)

    $11,999 for the manual
    $12,499 for the DCT

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  11. Another look at a potential 2018 Africa Twin from a Japanese publication. Take it with a grain of salt of course...
    2018CRF1000L Rumor.jpg
  12. I like the colour scheme although the white frame will be a chip fest. It seems to have a wider rear fairing which would be handy for tools etc but wouldn't do the pillion any favours.
  13. I need to stop following this thread...I LOVE my '17 AT! :)
  14. A7AEC5F0-3BF2-4A58-93E6-DA1EC2EE8AA2-21039-000016B8D7331EB6.jpeg I wonder where they got that idea from.....:cool:
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  15. As I sold my BMW bike a few weeks ago and waiting until I see what the 2018 AT brings before ordering, I am starting to get excited. Not having a bike has been hard given we are seeing the last of good weather here. With all the exciting Gold Wing announcements, my expectations starting to go up. Come on Nov 6!
  16. If the '18 AT comes with tubeless rims I hope they are compatible with the '16 & '17 AT's wheel parts! :)
  17. Interesting... same thing over at the Honda Spain facebook page too: Facebook Honda Spain Always taking these rumors with a grain of salt but curious to see what Honda is doing.

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