A years worth of mods....

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  1. Fender extender (and stupid reflectors removed).
    MRA short tinted screen.
    Clear SHOWA fork leg protectors.
    Shortie clutch & brakes levers.
    Rugged Roads rear peg mount covers.
    Front and rear brake cylinder covers (Rugged Roads).
    Arrow Ti full exhaust (re-mapped ECU).
    SW-Motech rear AluRack (with q/r plate for Givi topbox).
    Alpina Wheels.
    Stebel horn.
    Touratech GPS handlebar mount.
    SW-Motech q/r GPS mount.
    Triumph Tiger 800 screen bolts (gives easy access to storage under the pillion seat.

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  2. I also had the textured finish rubbed down and painted gloss black.

    More pics.

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  3. And more....

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  4. That's all folks !

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  5. I really like the gloss black around the Honda logo. Not sue what Mr H was thinking when they made them.

    Alpina wheels are on my lottery win wish list.

  6. Nice mods. Bike looks great.
  7. Thanks...it's been expensive getting here !!! ;)
  8. Did the Stebel horn bolt right on? Any special hardware or brackets? They are killer loud. I'd like to put one on my bike.
  9. Bolted straight on....I think all that needed a tweek was the two tabs for the connections needed to be bent to a different angle. Such a difference compared to the pathetic oe horn.
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  10. Hi Dany, really nice mods... I Just got a red dct AT and will be looking to mod it too. Just out of interest, I am thinking to go down the route of installing a steel rack instead of the givi adaptor for my Maxia 4. What's your thoughts on the sw-motech racks? Stable? secure?

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  11. Is this the one piece or 2 piece "split" Stebel model, I can't see the "canister" part of the horn in the pic so wondered if it is mounted elsewhere? Had one on my KLR, and definitively needed on the AT
    PS: GREAT mods and and pics of them, thanks for posting this I've not yet begun. Is that the Honda centerstand, o or aftermarket model.
  12. I've used the SW-Motech racks on this and my KTM 1190 Adv. Ultimately, they bolt on to what the manufacturer gives you, but I've had no problems with stability and the topbox is rock solid when in place.

    The horn isn't the canister type, what is shown is what it is. It's so much better than oe and virtually a straight fit replacement.
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  13. Where did you get the shortie clutch & brake levers?

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  14. Ebay....cheapo Chinese hobbies. They've been fine so far.

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