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Discussion in 'Short Ride Reports' started by FarangMoto, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. I haven't ridden for a while due to an injured right shoulder. However, as I am blessed with plenty of free time, I decided to go for a quick blast around a dirt track yesterday where I live, but shortly into my ride (1:04 edited vid) I came off the bike. At first, it felt like the bike had just cut out on me. I wasn't changing down so high revs locking the wheel was not the issue. I wasn't labouring the bike for it to stall. And neither was I riding fast enough to feather the rear brake. So I am still a little confused and have put it down to rider error. In the vid, I can just about hear the calliper rattle. As I've changed the position of my right foot to go around the left-hand corner, maybe I caught the brake, and being on dried grass, the rear perhaps locked quickly.

    Anyway, despite being a little bent, the SW-Motech did their job along with the Barkbuster and no damage to the bike. A big shout out to the Drift Ghost S as it has had 4 years of serious abuse compared to my Hero 4 which packed in after 3 months.
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  2. Looks like you just lost the rear... it happens.
  3. Glad you're alright and the SW-Motech bars did their job.

    In awe of your skill! I tend to be the go slow but get there eventually type. :)
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  4. Me too. Slow and steady wins the race right? At least I feel better telling myself that hahaha
  5. I like how he gets up and starts hauling A again.
  6. Thanks for the comments.
    Rear Mitas e07 has had its best and a little squared off. My fault as I changed to the e10s a day later but I couldn't wait and wanted to take the fun run to the office. Extra grip might have compensated for my error.

    Back out in a few days with some steep climbs.
  7. 7E0F57BF-D745-4DD3-B2A6-6E413EC7BE54.jpeg Just an update on the SW bars. No damage. I first thought they had bent in a little. As it turns out they’d just pushed in. As soon as I loosened the bolts to repair them it sprung back out. The cross member at the front is slotted so it allows some springing movement on impact I presume, whether designed that way or not.

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