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  1. Hello everyone. I am thinking on replacing the exhaust of my 2016 africa twin. So I have a couple of questions.
    1) Has anyone replaced their exhaust??
    2) Which one would you prefer??
    3) Has anyone got an Akrapovic exhaust fitted and how you like the sound??
    4) Has anyone got a Laser exhaust fitted and how you like the sound??
    I had ridden an africa twin with the Remus exhaust and it sounded good but I like better the Akrapovic however I haven't hear it on the bike and I believe that the silencers cannot be remove.
    Please give me your ideas (thoughts, experience etc)
    Thank you.

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    I like a simple oval pipe and not too loud. I got a GPR off ebay and am very happy. It has removable baffles and you can change the noise level. My mate uses his without the baffles and I find it a bit noisy around town (annoying for people and draws too much attention). I run mine without the DB killer and its fine.

    My decision was a cosmetic one - just didn't like the big, bulky looking standard pipe.

    P1040214-2.jpg P1040215=2.jpg
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    Are you going to replace the full system or just the end can? Full systems are louder due to a straight through pipe, no cat etc. If you go this route be careful on your choice as some have downpipes that differ to OEM configuration and prevent the use of aftermarket skid plates. Termignoni and SC Projects follow the original downpipe profile very closely and I've seen aftermarket plates with these, including carbon plates. Another thing to take into account with a full system is you may need the bike Dyno'd and re-mapped to alter the fuelling so not to burn out the exhaust valves. There are addon chip sets that fool the ECU and re-write the OEM mapping like the Dynojet power commander (a bit buggy for the AT) and the RapidBike Evo or Easy. This is something you may need to research as they can be a bit complicated to set up/install. I have a full Scorpion system that has a removable baffle which was designed in consultation with Honda and made to fall within the re-mapping capabilities of the ECU, basically run the engine until the fans kick in, so no need for a re-map. Slip on end cans wont require any electrickery as the Cat and 3/4's of the OEM system is still in place and are more for sound and aesthetics (that comment put the cat among the pigeons ;)) I think you will find in Europe all Exhausts with removable baffles wont have a CE mark or will be stamped with "Not for road use" on them. Mine doesn't have a mark and neither have any of my previous bikes, never had any problem with MOT's or noise restrictions. Don't let any of that scare you, its all achievable with a bit of research, advise and £$. Below is a pic of my bike with the Scorpion. It can be a bit loud without the baffle but good for filtering in heavy traffic like London.(another Cat/Pigeon comment) BTW I think Akrapovic do one with a removable baffle now.

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  4. IMG_2232.JPG IMG_2780.JPG I have had the Arrow full Ti system fitted for 6000 miles now. It's very light, sounds throaty with the sound baffle in, too loud without. The bike needed a re-map as it ran very lean, but the difference is very noticeable. It is far more punchy in acceleration and the way it takes off when it hits 4K rpm is addictive. Fuel economy hasn't taken a hit it and I easily get 62 mpg (proper UK gallons) on a touring run. The colours of the titanium headers are fantastic to gaze at and so far, there's been no damage incurred to the pipes.

    The only pipe nicer looking than the Arrow, IMO, is the SC Project, but it falls down on practicality as you can't mount the oe panniers with it fitted apparently or certain engine protection bars.
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  5. Thank you all so far for the input. I think I am only going to fit the end cap as for now.

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  7. My wife orderd the Akrapovic from 'Honda' for me as a Christmas present ;-)
    Now i have to wait until Christmas Eve!
    For the moment my AT is in wintersleep ;-)
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  8. I could not wait until Christmas .....

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  9. I think the Akrapovic is the nicest end can if you're keeping the oe headers. :confused:
  10. I'm going to leave the OE headers in it, i also think it's the nicest...But also 1 of the most expensive.
  11. Nice one mate, Christmas came early

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