Anyone happy with an aftermarket foot peg?

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  1. I assume 90% of you are as disappointed with the stock pegs as I am. I spent a lot of time researching different options and I have to admit I'm a bit of a parts snob and hate spending my money on something that I'm not excited about.
    Of all the options I found one option that I was actually excited to spend my money on.
    The Fastway peg checked all my "picky parts guy" desires.
    1. Wider than the 1970s era stock AT pegs
    2. Good mud clearance
    3. Nice fit and finish
    The fastway pegs even added some features that wasn't on my list that I was excited to see.
    1. Adjustable camber. I've always thought good pegs had a little camber to help you grip your bike with your legs as an off road bike should be ridden.
    2. The option to configure your set screw grippers to have a taller center. I had a set of IMS pegs that I loved and they had a slighter taller center. It provided a very natural feel and connection to the bike when you were either leaning forward, were in a neutral "attack" position or back position.
    I installed them tonight and here are my first thoughts...
    1. I'm a bit disappointed by a couple nit picky fit and finish things. One example is that the provided clevis pin is way too long. It's clearly just a standard size which is what I would expect as a first option from anything. But, at this price I would imagine they could have made a proper length clevis pin.
    2. DAMN these pegs are WIDE!!! The stock pegs are narrower than my size 12 Sidi boots. These are about 1.5" wider than my boots and honestly feel a bit awkwardly wide. To be fair I only rode down the street and back and they felt 100X better than stock, but did feel wide enough to feel a little awkward.
    All that said, I am still happy so far. I'll have more feedback as I ride them more but I'm already searching to see if I can get a set of my old favorite IMS pegs to fit.
    Here are some pics... Africa Twin Footpeg 1.JPG Africa Twin Footpeg 2.JPG Africa Twin Footpeg 3.JPG Africa Twin Footpeg 4.JPG
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  2. One more of the stock peg. Looks like I need some new soles on my boots or some new boots. I'm also super disappointed with the placement of the exhaust and how it doesn't let me ride on the balls of my feet because it interferes with my heel. Anyone else have this issue or is it my size 12 that is the issue? Africa Twin Footpeg 5.JPG
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  3. I like the idea of the screw in grip, not as harsh on the boot soles. The black also looks nice. A new pair of MX boots take forever to break in and get as comfortable as the old ones. I would send them in for an overhaul and resole. I have Astars Tech 5's and its always a struggle not to put my old ones back on......I bet that's your dads bike and you really take the pink one out :)
  4. @Corki You outed me. The Razor Scooter, Skate Board and Hot Pink Mt Bike are actually my wheels. My 9yo daughter actually makes me ride on the back of the AT. ;-)
    My Sidi boots have the replaceable soles so they are easy to replace. I'll start there. They aren't cheap but they are easily the most comfortable and longest lasting boots I've ever owned.
  5. In answer to the title of the thread.....Yes, I am very happy with the pegs I selected. I went with the Black Dog Cycle Works pegs. I really like the design. They wrap around the mounts which keeps your feet in close and better lines up with the brake pedal. Nice design and excellent quality.

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  6. Thanks! I took my first ride and I think I'm looking for another set. I'll take a look at the black dog cycle works pegs.
  7. I went with the Black Dog Cycle Works pegs as well. I also like the design and felt they but some thought into the design concept. Not cheap, but Black Dog makes a nice product.
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  8. I love my pivot Pegs

    Aviator and Moto Pilot
    BMW K1600GT / Honda Africa Twin
    KBJC - Colorado
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  9. Another vote for Pivot Pegz!

    Awesome when standing and the pivot allows 'dancing on the pegs' while seating, helps in keeping the blood flowing on long rides. KIMG0045.JPG

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  10. IMS Super Stock pegs for XR650L / XR650R are perfect.
    Not too wide or aggressive on boots. Great price, quality, mud clearance.
    Plug & play.
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  11. Found a serious gripe with the fastway pegs yesterday. Its not easy to get your kick stand up when your peg hangs out so much. Other than that I did like them.
  12. Did like them.....does that mean you've changed?
  13. Have fixed pivotpegz ,
    They are Heavy ,
    Interfering in leg movement for short riders ,
    I feel width is Ok but Length should be optimal ,
    This is what I need
  14. IMG_2813.jpg As I 'only' have size 9's, I've no real problems with the stock pegs. But if you really want to be a parts snob, there are no alternatives that can top trump these.
  15. At £280 they are like Velcro......a complete rip off
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  16. I have the IMS footpegs and they work fine. Not too sharp that they are tearing at the soles of my boots but enough that even when caked with mud they do their job.
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  17. And with the IMS SS pegs I don’t miss the rubber insert one bit.
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  18. I bought and installed Knight Design wide foot pegs. 1 ¼” drop. Super high-quality pegs, easy install. Part # 121954A-2210. You do have to spread your legs out further when standing, but I think that will be the case with all wider pegs. When stopped, I place my left leg forward of the peg, and the right to the rear of the peg.

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  19. When stopped I always have one foot on a peg (usually rear brake), one foot on the ground, and one cheek on the seat

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