Anyone pack when you ride?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Section' started by Tammy, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. G19/17 is my EDC

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  2. I really want one of those AR15 racks that the police departments have on their motor units.

  3. I've seen them on ebay
  4. Obtaining the hardware is only half of the want, the other half is the ability to use it unmolested.

  5. Had a Glock 19.... just put a deposit on a new Walther PPQ.
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  6. Maybe a leather scabbard and a Marlin 1895 SBL.

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  7. I pack a camera, rx100 Sony, a water bottle, and on a longer ride in the outback some spare fuel, from Canada EH.
  8. I just assume everyone in the USA carries.
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  9. Not everyone maybe 1 to 2% good guy's
    Bad guy's 40% maybe more..
  10. Not so sure I'd agree with your percentages. I used to work in a business that had a gun store attacehed and concieled carry products were always in demand, maybe it's only 1 to 2% that would admit to it.

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  11. Most of us have enough guns and holsters to supply a small army.

    Most people that have a CCW don't carry everyday. it's a big responsibility and it's also a pain in the ass to have that on your hip all day.
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  12. My point being that not all that carry have a CCW.

  13. That is why I said Bad guy's 40% maybe more..

    The Good guys "CCW" is about 1 or 2%
  14. Well, that’s one way to look at it. Another would be that some in this country have muddied the second amendment so much that many good guys can’t obtain CCW’s and decide to carry anyway.

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  15. Been there done that I'm from NJ LOL.
  16. It must be nice to live in a "shall issue" state, enjoy your freedom.

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  17. Oh yeah I love the freedom in PA I OC most of the time and most don't even see it...
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  18. @Tammy The real question is do you load it with FMJ or hollow points? Where and how do you carry it when you ride? Love the accent color on the Glock.

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