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  1. Absolutely loving my new AT. I wanted to get some feedback on lighting options. Has anyone upgraded or added additional lighting for a better night ride experience? Thank you!
  2. I guess nobody has added lighting.

    I haven't added any lighting to my AT, but, on my old 650L I had a LaPaz 8" halogen, that thing was awesome. Check with Baja Designs, maybe they'll have something, or better yet give you a huge discount if you let them have your bike to design something.

  3. Thank you for the feedback. Will keep my eyes open!
  4. I'm waiting on some Denali D4 lights. I'll let you know when they arrive and are on the bike.
  5. OK great, thanks!
  6. I've used Durite spots in the past, was thinking about how to mount them on the AT.
  7. Got the Denali D4 LEDs and the mounting bar (specific for the Africa Twin from Denali – LAH.01.10300).
    I used parts of the Denali prewired harness (cut out the relay), the OEM Honda fog light switch in the dash, and took the time to do the wiring for my GPS and the accessory outlet at the same time. Works pretty good and looks like it was meant to be.
    I bought a splitter from Eastern Beaver to go off the power from the accessory outlet under the dash/speed connector - a bit of crimping and putting together the Sumitomo power connections and it works. Blew a few fuses working on it and testing or 'testing'.

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  8. Time for a night ride.

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  9. I used Rigid Industries Ignite lights the link shows my setup and test.
  10. OEM led fitted but I've not been out in the dark yet to test them.

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  11. Kingleoj2. Great vid and they look like good lights, just wondering why, after going to all that trouble, you didn't wire them up with a relay and a trigger wire from the high beam. Still have a switch, so you can turn them on and off, but they can then ONLY come on with high beam.

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  12. BootsTwin - I wanted my lights to be on they're own circuit so I'll be able to run them without the high beam on - I'm hoping Rigid will come out with the amber lens cover so I can run them to be seen better like my KLR set up.
  13. Sorry, didn't realise. As above great write up and vid. There are DRL day time running light kits you can buy on EBay that come on whenever the ignition is on and you can opt to wire them so they stay on always, or if your local legislation requires, there are kits that will cut them out when another power source such as parkers comes on at night. Or indicators when you turn a corner. Lots of options.

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