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  1. I use the Motion Pro steel BeadPro to break beads in the shop, but the steel irons are too long and heavy to carry on the AT. Thinking about picking up the aluminum version of the BeadPro and adding it to the tool roll, but thought I would check if there are other options available.

    What do you use to break the bead in the field?


  2. The kickstand

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  3. Side stand or Motion Pro Aluminium bead-breaker / tire spoon combo
  4. I’ve had 4 flat tires over the last 8 years (none of them on the AT yet).
    Each time the bead was already broken as a result of riding on the flat.
    I’ve never carried a bead breaker but maybe I’ve just been lucky. If the bead weren’t broken I think i would ride the bike another 20 feet or so and then try using the side stand if that didn’t work.
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  5. +1
    I've never had a problem breaking the bead on a flat tire. If I did I'd use the side stand.
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  6. Thanks for all the replies and ideas!

    I didn't think that if the tire was flat it would most likely already be off the bead.

    If the tire want completely flat I guess you could remove the valve core and ride a few feet to break the bead as suggested.

    Awesome ideas and my tool roll is lighter!

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  7. There are times when the bead gets stuck, even on a flat. It all depends on the rim and the tire. In some cases it is almost like the tire got rubber welded to the rim. Those are the ones that can be a booger. But with a little patience and perseverance, they will break loose. The side stand trick normally will get it done, but sometimes you have to keep moving the tire a couple inches until you find the weak spot that breaks it.
  8. A G-Clamp works for me.
  9. These work well and don't weigh much.

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