Can't go above 120km/h

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  1. Hey guys, New here. I need help, My RD04 max out at 120km/I even if am going down hill, 0 to 120km/h is easy to achieve. And my fuel is 1l=10km sometime even 9km.. What can be the problem?
  2. What’s an RD04? And you’re getting roughly 23 miles per gallon, correct? And won’t go above 75 MPH?

    Sorry, USA, don’t do metric of the top of my head.

  3. Sorry 1990 africa twin 750.that's the bike that is giving 23mile per gallon.and not going above 75mph
  4. It’s really hard to give advice on what to look for with such limited info. You say 0 to 120 is easy to achieve so I have to assume that it’s running fine up to a given speed or RPM. Will the engine rev to redline in a lower gear, let’s say second gear? Or does the engine stop increasing speed at a given RPM?

  5. Thanks and sorry not good with info, the RPM cuts off at 6000 and once I reach a speed of 75mph then the bike doesn't accelerate anymore and if I down a gear to fourth it tries but will get up too 79mph then I put back to 5th gear then I lose the speed again
  6. Thanks for trying to help.I appreciate alot
  7. What’s the condition of tune (Is the air filter paper or foam, new or old, clean or dirty? Are the valves adjusted properly?Is the fuel fresh?...)?

    Does it feel like it’s firing both cylinders?

    Is throttle response in neutral snappy or sluggish?

    Has the bike been sitting unused for a while, or is it a daily driver?

    Have you inspected the spark plugs, if so what do they look like?


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