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  1. For those in Europe its on Eurosport ch 410 & 411 @ 22:15hrs UK time.
    Honda hoping to steal the crown from KTM ?
  2. Tuning in from California. Mark Samuels is the man and cheering for him because he is only a handful of US riders in the event. Love KTM and cheering for them too. Conflicted feelings all around. Haha

    207863B6-20D9-4E38-BD1C-DC6A5CA80D08.jpeg 7DE2CCEE-A449-494D-89E2-A45DBA25274A.jpeg
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  3. Go Shorty!
  4. Go Sam Sunderland and Linden Poskett.
    Theres been some carnage out there already
  5. Real Pity Sam Sunderland is out but Ive been watching this from Lyndon Poskitt and its bonkers.:-


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