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Discussion in 'USA West Riders' started by Dave, May 15, 2016.

  1. My AT just came in and I'm looking for experienced local riders to ride with.
    Just sold my BMW GS Adventure and my XR650l with hopes of consolidation and improved usability.
    Please reach out if you're interested!
  2. Im waiting for mine to arrive here in the next few weeks hopefully, how do you like it? have you had a chance to ride it within your first day?
  3. Nice!
    It mine came in Friday but I haven't been able to pick it up yet.
    It's in Utah so I will run out there on the 27th.
    Where do you live?
  4. I live in Reno! mine should be in early June according to the dealer I am getting it through Roseville Honda
  5. Nice!
    Reno is close and James is a good guy. He called me Friday when their 1st one came in.
    Shoot me a note when you're coming down to pick it up and I will meet you there as long as work permits anyway.
    You can email directly at dave@SickspeedCycles.com.
  6. When do you get it?
    I got mine last week!!!
  7. Congrats! Just picked up my Red Manual AT at my dealer in St. Helena, CA (Wine Country) and got to ride her home to Petaluma! Sold my BMW Dakar for her and already extremely happy!
  8. That is so awesome!!!
    Post a picture.
    If you're ever in in the Sierra's shoot me a note.
  9. Got my AT last week did 300 miles in Sonoma county on sat. The Honda Feels 100lbs. Lighter than my GS and really snappy with all the traction control turned off. There is an ACT dual sport out of Boomtown on July 16-17 plan on doing as much of that ride as possible on the AT. I hope some crash bars become available by then especially for the engine that water pump housing looks quite vulnerable
  10. Hey Matt,
    That's perfect! I've only had time to log 165 miles so far but plan on many more.
    Do you have a link that you can post regarding that Boomtown run?
    I'd like to check it out and am happy to ride with you if you'd like.
    Touratech makes some beautiful engine and fairing guards for your AT. All stainless steel and capable of mounting additional lighting.
    Here's their link: http://www.touratech-usa.com/Search/?q=africa+twin
    So does SW Motech available through Twisted Throttle.
  11. Anyone doing some group rides out of the Sacramento Valley or Sierra Foothills?
  12. Yes, I would be interested. I know a couple other guys I've met who might be interested as well.

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