First run.

Discussion in 'European Riders' started by tuggy, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Took her out for her first ride round the town.
    Scotland's original Capital.
    National water ski centre. We could do with a lot warmer weather.
    Stop off for a cuppa at the track.

    Not a lot of miles under the belt. But she's a keeper.
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  3. Aye, has it's moment Graves.

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  4. Where is it?


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  5. Scotland.

  6. Nice looking rig mate. Can't wait for mine.

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  7. The North Coast 500 is on my list of things to do. It looks spectacular.

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  8. Allan, it's certainly worth doing. Head around anti-clockwise as the run from Inverness to John O ' Groates isn't that scenic. The west coast is just brilliant. Try to avoid the Midge season too!

    View of the new road bridge across the Forth. Should be open for the summer.

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  9. Cheers Tuggy. It's booked - 4th Sept!

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  10. I'll pop the kettle on. Hope you get the weather.

    I'm going around again in May. Missing out the Groates as we've ticked that box & going up through Lairg instead.

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