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Discussion in 'USA Southeast Riders' started by SUMORYDR, May 26, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone. I'm Steve and I live in Lake City, Florida. I've been checking pretty close with a number of dealers in the area and they all have my information down and plan to call me once they are able to take a deposit on the new CRF1K. Of course it sounds like we ( the masses ) know much more than any of the dealers do at the moment however... typical.

    If there are any other Florida or South Georgia riders in the group please feel free to hit me up. Always looking for a new riding partner.

  2. Hey Steve, I'm in Orlando and just picked up my Twin last week. This post is a few months old - you get your bike, and if so what are your thoughts?
  3. Hey Guys, Im in the market for a Africa Twin but cant find any for sale. Im down in Miami, FL.......
  4. There's got to be some somewhere. I resorted to Craig's List and looked for dealers that had photos of the bikes in their showrooms. I was able to find one about 100 miles away, got a deal too (at least I thought it was a deal). They're out there.

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