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    Hello Friends.

    We can use this thread to discuss the stock fuel tank and aftermarket tanks.
    The stock tank is 4.96 gallons (18.8 liters)
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    Here is the bike with what looks like a bigger tank.



  3. What is the capacity of the tank in the photos?
  4. Really need a bigger tank?
    My consumption is between 4,2l and 4,6L / 100km....
    That gives my a range of 18,8l / 4,6= +/- 400km's...
  5. As an average i refill around 300km
    bigger tank is for sure needed if you want to travel overland in remote areas
  6. I am fairly happy with my tank touring fully loaded two up was getting just under 60 MPG.
  7. Who does better?
    3,6l / 100km

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  8. Best I get is 320km on a talk

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  9. For really remote riding, it might not be a bad idea to carry extra fuel. I'd have to agree with some of the other posters though that the fuel economy of the bike is really good. Just did 350 kilometres and used 14.483 litres of fuel (58 mpg / 4.1 l/100km). Part of that was sitting in traffic for 1/2 an hour, so it might have been even better. I think once the bike is broken in, and ridden civilly, it should get 400 kilometres per tank.
    I may be riding one Canada's most remote roads this summer (Northern Quebec) which requires a range of 500 kilometres, so I purchased a fuel bag that I can roll up and use for that part of the trip.

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  10. the fuel bag is something I haven't seen yet
    top idea
    the 30l safari tank is such a monstrousity and spoils the size and look
  11. Just installed the #camel tank on my AT awesome product tucked up out of the way and doesn't affect the balance riding like a safari tank will.[​IMG]

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