Givi Airstream screen.

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  1. Yesterday i installed the givi airstream screen, that's a need to have acc.
    Some pics (@ admin; i can't turn the pics?)

    Original vs Givi (lowest level):

    Original vs Givi (highest level):

    Givi mounted lowest level:

    Givi mounted highest level:
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  2. Could you comment on the screen performance, how is the turbulence/noise around helmet?
  3. Turbulence is still there, but it's less than with the original screen.
    Because you can change the height of the screen (i can do it while riding) the turbulence is very little.
    I'm 1,75cm tall.
  4. For me it works fine. I always ride with a Shoei Neotec helmet and custom made earplugs.
    Perhaps that wil make a difference?

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