Good after market exhaust system for 1991 RD04

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  1. Hey Guys...after a bit of advice. I have happily owned an old but gold RD04 africa twin now for 8 years. Although 26 yrs old shes only now just done 40,000 ks and still purrs sweet as new.
    Still..shes got to the stage where normal wear and tear items require looking at, and just a day ago, while riding i noticed a change in the note of the bike, to discover ive blown a hole (or 2) in the rear end muffler/ silencer. As far as I can tell, the rest of the pipework is ok, and i just need to source a new slip on silencer..
    My bike is in bulgaria..and i use it here in European summers where i have a summer house in the country.
    So..the advice/ ideas/ suggestions i am asking where to turn to to get a good after market..affordable silencer that will work for me...that i can get shipped here to BG..
    Bulgaria has a rather undeveloped bike market and isnt a good im thinking online is my only choice...any good leads and or tips will be greatfully appreciated
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    Hi @KiwiDean! First off, welcome to I had a friend who rode on an RD04 from Istanbul through Bulgaria to Italy and back to Istanbul. He had almost a similar issue with his muffler but it was with a horse... long story.

    After looking around for parts he decided to get an aftermarket Arrow exhaust from Rugged Roads UK. He mentioned that they shipped to Istanbul and would likely ship to Bulgaria too.

    Here is the link:

    Here is the ebay version:

    I did some math for you: It's £210 and converting that to Bulgarian Lev is around 442.

    I'll ask around and if anything comes up, I'll update you. Ride safe, friend!

    *edited with the correct link
  3. Thanks Eddie...appreciate your efforts mate..ill suss the links out you sent...

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