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  1. I had some trouble with the SW Motech racks and went looking for another solution. Although I liked the fact that the SW Motech racks were easily removable, I wanted something stronger. I narrowed it down to two options, either Tourtech or Happy Trail. At first I was leaning heavily toward Tourtech given their reputation. But there were a couple things about the HT racks that won me over.

    First and most importantly, they mount up with four points, three of which are on the frame. The mounting setup is similar to Tourtech, but even stronger as the center mount is to the frame. I also liked the spacing and how the left side rack has room behind it for either a HT tool rack and bag, or you can rig up something yourself. I opted for the latter. With very minor modification to the plastic tool tube it bolted right up to the back of the rack.

    Now that everything is installed and tested, I am very pleased. They work well with my Nanuk cases, and also with my Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle Bags.

    The racks are solid....I mean like German tank solid. HT advertises that their SU rack serves to strengthen the subframe, and I don't doubt it. These racks will serve nicely not only as racks, but as rear crash bars. If you're shopping for racks I'd recommending giving HT a look.


  2. Thanks for this @Mitch. Always nice to get some real world reports on racks.
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  3. Mitch,
    I am thinking about the HT SU rack also, your photo looks great. One question on the bracket that is coming out from under the seat (connecting to the front upper frame section of the SU) does the bolt get in the way or can you snag equipment (riding pants) on it!

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  4. I've had no problems with it. There are no sharp edges or corners and the fastener doesn't cause any issues. I plan to keep the racks mounted, but they could be easily unbolted and you could leave the bracket in place. I don't think it would cause any issues. Thus far I am really happy with them. They are well made and rugged.
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