Have you installed Power Commander on 2017 AT?

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  1. I recently installed a Power Commander V on my otherwise stock AT. The improvement over stock fueling is remarkable. The only problem is that I'm getting a MIL (check engine) light for the O2 sensor. DynoJet is sending me a new O2 optimizer but I was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem. TIA.
  2. This isn't going to be very specific as it could be a multitude of things but some ideas to look at.
    If your AT is stock then I'm assuming the exhaust is stock too.
    Update the firmware.
    If you have the kit enable the auto tune feature in the software. Is the Air/Fuel mixture showing? if not put the blanks in the ports. They look like a blank piece of rubber but they terminate the unused data buses.
    Have you removed the O2 sensor (either replaced with Dyno sensor or an O2 eliminator) There is talk about the error not being fixed and is a bug in the ecu, triggered when the o2 sensor is removed... The ECU has to be replaced according to Honda dealers in order to solve this fault.
    Normally a mil error will be caused by the motor that opens the exhaust valve being in the wrong position. this could also be worth a try but
    It sounds like a faulty O2 sensor or the sensor wired incorrectly.
  3. I'm guessing a too rich code???

  4. The O2 optimizer is just a couple resistors that tell the bike the mixture is in the sweet spot while the actual O2 sensor is unplugged and doing nothing. The fact that I'm getting a MIL light for the O2 sensor means the bike isn't getting the signal back from the O2 sensor (now optimizer) that it expects. Still working with DynoJet to resolve issue. They've been very helpful BTW. I'll report results as soon as known.
  5. You do understand is that the o2 sensor is there to give the cat what it needs to perform, and survive? If you keep dumping too much fuel down stream you're going to kill the cat and end up with even more performance problems. You might try installing an aftermarket exhaust (muffler and header), open up the straws that they put in as intake snorkels, disable the air injection and then have it dyno tuned to get the most out of the PC. Many times stock PCM's will handle exhaust and intake changes just fine, as long as they're done in concert, the PC should be the final step.
  6. For the time being I'm fine with the amount of power that the stock AT has. My problem was with the poor delivery at low rpm and the choppy transition from closed to open throttle. Power commander offers a fuel map for a completely stock bike that smooths out the power delivery and feels much better than stock. I don't think this is going to kill the catalytic converter. To update the problem that I posted about: DynoJet sent out a different O2 optimizer with slightly
    higher resistance. Apparently there is a slight difference in the fuel injection system between the '16 & '17 models and the Power Commander V was designed around the '16 model. I've installed the new O2 optimizer and am no longer getting the MIL fault and the bike runs great.
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  7. I'm glad that you got it sorted. A number of years ago I had a VTX1800C and installed an aftermarket muffler to open it up (no power commander), all that happened, except for the bike sounding like a mussle car, was that the mileage went into the toilet. I then cut the whole backside of the air box out so more air could get in, HOLY CRAP! Mileage came back and the increase in power was amazing. The FI was untouched and o2 remained. In second gear corner exits I would roll the throttle to the stop, tickle he clutch, and the bike would do these monster burnouts. Weeeeeeee! As soon as I get my house projects done I'm going to do the same to the AT and see what happens.
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  8. I did what you mentioned and removed those air limiting snorkels from both sides of the air box, replaced the stock air filter with unifilters and did a complete Remus exhaust with head pipe that eliminates the cat.-- Performance is better but not like I what I was expecting -- Thinking about the power-comander but like to get your ideas or anybody else's--
    When these improvements were made to my 2000 XR650r along with some jetting changes the bike became the incredible Hulk and this is what I want from my Twin-- Are 2nd and 3rd gear roll on wheelies asking to much ??? Thanks
  9. Try resetting the ECM by disconnecting the battery, turning the ignition on, leave it on for 15 minutes, turn off, reconnect the battery. That should wipe any adaptive strategy and start fresh.

    XR650R... When I did my valves I polished the intake and exhaust ports, they looked like mirror tubes, had to re-jet after that. As it turns out, the 650R did have a top end rush. We’re you ever part of the 650R Yahoo group?

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  10. Hey Thanks-- Great advice- We are lucky to have you as part of this forum. I don't remember being part of that yahoo group but if you ask my neighbors they might say that I'm a real yahoo just the same-- Hey Merry Christmas and a New Year that is full on many miles that passed under our foot pegs!!! Health and Happy to ALL!!
  11. We’re lucky to have this forum to share ideas and get to know new people.

    The XR650R Yahoo forum was a lot of fun. We had a good group of guys that would get together a couple times a year for a camp/ride weekend, we called them Pig-fest. We did this 10 or 12 times, had as many as 25 people show up, good times. I’m hoping to get something like that going with fellow AT riders after the first of the year.

    Merry Christmas to you too.

  12. we got similar taste graves
    got 2 650r's and traded my vtx on the Africa twin
    actually did as much as I could to the vtx including the big bore kit taking it out to 1934
    dearest hp I ever bought only made 105 in the end but used to surprise a lot of people especially with top gear roll ons
    know what you mean about the nascar sound it was cool opened up that's for sure and so smooth
  13. The VTX was a cool bike, it's one that I wish I would have never sold.


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