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    Aft5.JPG IMG_5494.JPG View attachment 681 Hi I just picked up a slightly used 17 DCT. I heave been reading about them for awhile. I am reall looking forward to seeing some backgrounds on it. It rides great and so far zero complaints!
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  2. Welcome Double 21. My buddy and I live in the Chandler area and we've both got '16 AT's (manual). We ride a few times a month, typical early morning on the weekends. We'll let you know when we head out and where and hopefully we can meet up for a ride. The AT's are amazing machines, you're gonna love it!

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  3. I am down in Tucson but would like to get up north for some rides.
  4. Beautiful ride @Doubleb21! Welcome to africatwin.org.
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  5. Welcome @Doubleb21! Rode through AZ to get to CA and have to admit, you AZ folks have some scenic roads. Pretty stuff.

    Don't forget about our $100 best short ride report and keep your eyes open, we're planning on giving away free decals and other gifts before the end of the year. Ride safe!
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  6. Welcome! Love that color.
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  7. Thank you I am digging this bike for sure.
  8. That might even be prettier than the silver model.

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  9. Nice bike and welcome. How did you mod the rear number plate and what plate light have you got?
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  10. I bought the bike like it sits. All i did was add the front fender spacer kit. I will take some good pics of the back tonight and post them here. It looks like they just cut it nicely and the plate frame is aluminum with LED lights in it! I will see if i can see a part number on it also.
  11. Great, thank you
  12. Nice bike... did you buy it from Russell?
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  13. Yes sir I did!
  14. Here is the pics of the rear. It looks like a piece of steel behind the aluminum plate frame. Once i change the plates out i will be able to see how it is mounted. It is solid and very clean. tail1.JPG tail2.JPG tail3.JPG tail4.JPG
  15. If you are looking to do some real riding on that machine let me know.. plan on getting it dirty and testing out the crash bars...
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  16. Sounds good Drew it will get dirty for sure!
  17. Good ride going up out of Prescott this Saturday if you want to come up let me know..
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