Honda Africa Twin top speed

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  1. crazy but cool.

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  2. 220 kmph. At night. On a busy road.
    Yup. Crazy.

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  3. 221kph = 137mph.

    Allow 10% over-read and you get 123mph.
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  4. Man... the balls on this guy. At night too? Geez.
  5. I rode up from Dublin early one morning (2am) on my way home from getting my AT re-mapped.....116 mph on the GPS with both panniers in place. Steady as a die.....something my KTM 1190 Adv was incapable of.
  6. Think something wrong with your KTM 1190 I could do 146mph on KTM 1190 even my friend was doing better than me on KTM 1190
  7. You KTM could go much faster, but not with panniers fitted. It would head towards a tank slapper above 95mph
  8. Davy Sorry I missed the panniers version in your message .As I never used panniers on my KTM .
  9. I am assuming stock panniers? I have never had the stock panniers on my KTM 1190. Guess I am glad I didn't. Never had any issues with the Touretech panniers I did have on my 1190 at those speeds :)
  10. IMG_0304.JPG No, Nomada alu panniers by Holan
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  11. Interesting. I wonder what the deal is with that? I am assuming it doesn't do the same without the panniers, which is how you determined the panniers are the issue? Still, that should not be happening.
  12. @Davy F, the mysterious man with a mysterious amount of beautiful motorcycles. :)
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  13. The weaving stopped when the panniers came off....simples. ;)

    The new 2017 1290's have floating panniers, like Triumph introduced on their Explorer range a few years back. These can sway side to side by a small amount which apparently helps stop the bike breaking into a weave. There's been quite a few reports of the 1190's being unstable at high speeds, I just happened to experience it first hand. Rather scary, or annoying when a 12GS passed me doing about 125 on an autobahn, fully loaded with pillion on board and there was nothing I could do to keep up with him, never mind pass him. :oops:
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    I had my 1190 get unstable on me once at high speed, but only the once. I had some tires that were fairly worn and unevenly at that and I admittedly did a really crappy/lazy job of packing my panniers and balancing the weight. Since it only happened the once, I figure it was one or a combination of both factors.

    Otherwise, I admittedly never had it above 140 or to it's supposed 149mph max, but certainly in the 120-130mph range on numerous occasions, and luckily it never happened again. It is definitely a very... uncomfortable... feeling when it does happen. But it sure does always put the idea in the back of your head that it could happen again, and from that point on I was always prepared/expecting that it might. I am certainly glad it only happened the one time (knock on wood). I suppose the argument could be made that one time is one time too many, but I am 99.9% sure it was my fault :)

    As for the Triumph floating panniers... meh. I had them on my '09 Sprint 1050 ST and my '11 Tiger 800 XC. Wasn't impressed with either, so I passed on them with the Explorer (they were pretty much the same as the Tiger 800) at least not with Triumph's implementation. I think they work better in theory than in practice. Perhaps Honda will do a better design?
  15. I wonder what configuration the AT in the vifeo was running. I'm running knobbies and an aftermarket exhaust, and mine taps out at around 195km/h on the speedo (sea-level with high octane fuel). And my speedo is only about 5% over, so I guess about 182km/h true speed.

    My RD07 had a higher topspeed with the stock exhaust as compared to an aftermarket pipe, even though the stock pipe made about 4hp less power on the dyno.
  16. I've had mine up to 122-124 a few times with the stock Honda panniers on flat asphalt with Shinko 804/805s. I was suprised how close the speedo and my GPS was. It doesn't go from 90 to 120 very fast that's for sure. My old man had me covered in HP and Speed on his Super Tenere pretty easily, but where I lacked for HP and MPH I made up with stupidity where he was smart enough slow down for the curves. :-/
  17. I think that is pretty common. I used to build 2 stroke shifter kart engines. I would take an engine that had less HP with a broader curve over a BIG HP with a sharp curve and drive circles around the big HP spike curve engines. In racing karts you live in the top 75% of the power curve. So if you can make that top of the curve 20% wider you can still be faster with 10% less power. I think a LOT of stock exhaust systems make pretty good power and only the most committed exhaust companies take the time to tune for the whole curve.
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