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  1. 160.00 for the Centerstand

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  2. Anybody got the Honda panniers? What's your impression? I'm in Canada and there's little or no information regarding any accessories here.

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  3. I ended up buying the full Honda box set. They aren't BMW vario pannier quality, but they're fine for what I'll use them for. The top box just about accomadates my Shoei Hornet Adv lid with room for bits and pieces. Some people go on about them being flimsy...maybe when looking at them with the lids open. Lids closed, they are sturdy enough and I like the rack less fitment. image.jpeg

    I had to wait on the mounting plate for the topbox, now fitted. There were four prongs for bungie hooks or tie downs, but I cut those off as the rear racks ones will suffice and it makes the plate slightly neater.
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  4. "...just about fits my Shoei", sounds a lot like my helmet doesn't fit in the top box. Seriously though, are the side cases top leaders or clam shell it's hard to tell from the photo.

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  5. Love the gold trim, you EU guys get all the good stuff. Major envy from here in NA.

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  6. The pannier lid drops down clam style.
  7. How do you like them now that you have had them for a bit?
  8. I have Honda panniers and top box fitted to mine and yes I thought they were a bit flimsy at first but they have been fine so far, we are off two up down to Spain for two weeks week after next so looking forward to that, will report back on my return.
  9. Keep us posted, I am curious how the OEM panniers are for loads and long trips. Thanks for taking the time to post back if you can. Thank you.
  10. Are the panniers and top box waterproof, or do you need to buy waterproof inner bags for your gear?

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  11. My panniers have been waterproof so far, and I've ridden through some horrible wet weather. Haven't needed inner bags as such, but I do use Ikea bags for stashing my clothes in. Can't speak for the topbox as I got rid of it and went back to my Givi box.
  12. I returned mine as they weren't waterproof. Dealer had one go at trying to get them to seal but they still let water in. I wasn't very impressed with the catches either, I found if the panniers were full they didn't open or close very well.

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  13. How wide is the bike bike with the Honda panniers?
  14. @Luma46 The last time took measurements it was around 3 feet (93cm for the folks overseas) with stock Honda panniers. I've been entertaining the thought of buying stock ones and find that ebay resellers tend to give you a better price. You can find free shipping sometimes. I also like Touratech and other brands too. Preference.

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